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  1. It's actually really nice, my one's been modified a bit (remap, intake, coilovers, exhaust etc etc.) so the suspension's a bit stiffer but not unbearable! Handles phenomenally well and it's still reasonably nippy. Not as fast as my old Legacy Twin Turbo but I'm less convinced I'm going to die when I go near a roundabout/corner!
  2. I'm inclined to say a powered board is usually a half effort at best, especially if you end up with some unusual pedals on your board. Trailer Trash have a phenomenal reputation and if I wasn't downsizing myself right now I'd be buying one. If you're looking at a good power supply I'd heartily recommend the Dunlop MC403 (http://www.guitarguitar.co.uk/pedals_power_detail.asp?stock=10042314215432)
  3. Hahaha, definitely don't have the skills to be Nolly - have you seen his new Dingwall custom? HNNNGH! Also: man up min! I've got pathetically small hands and I manage just fine. Also want to build a Mutt P-Bass with individual bridge pieces, a Tele-style reverse headstock, maple neck & board, with a Delano Musicman Bridge pup and a Dimarzio Model P mid/neck pup. It'll be horrifically ugly but should sound fantastic in theory. Grind for days! Joda Serk - there is nothing weird about the zero fret! If it's good enough for the Vigier guitars then it's good enough for those plywood monstrosities!
  4. try some of the other cool stuff I have instead! The Providence Anadime is one of the nicest Analogue Chorus' available just now along with the Retro Sonic Chorus. It'll make you sea sick it's that wobbly and deep!
  5. Come on people, buy my stuff so I can downsize to my dream system!
  6. Jan, honestly it can do both. The amount of controls and waveforms it has, combined with the 4 stage sequencer that has 9 different timing options on it gives you a fair amount of control over what you want. You can swing it down to a simple single "on/off" trem if that's what you desire or you can go completely mad, set the sequencers to all random and watch what it does haha!
  7. Wow, you're coming across well here. I'm another bassist going "do I fuck want to be near THAT guy." Maybe think about what you're posting before you make things worse.
  8. It's currently been claimed by Chuck from Death Watch, if he decides he doesn't want it then I'll get in touch with you.
  9. Here's mine, wanting something Japanese and Twin Turbo again after this one. Gonna get the wheel bearing fixed, solve a few small niggles with it and then flogging it on I think.
  10. Guitars: Fender USA Standard Strat w/ mirror pickguard and unknown pickups ESP MV/240R Custom Shop with Tremol-No, laEXH rge Brass Block, noiseless springs and BKP Warpig/Dimarzio Air Norton S pickups Washburn WM526 Voodoo Custom Shop with BKP Nailbomb/Dimarzio Liquifire pickups and a spare Dimarzio Crunchlab for the Bridge. Amp & Cab: VHT Sig: X Mesa Boogie OS Recto 2x12 Effects: Maxon OD808 Overdrive Wampler Triple Wreck Distortion Dunlop EVH Wah Ernie Ball Volume Peterson Strobostomp Tuner EHX Freeze Hold Pedal MXR Carbon Copy Delay Lightfoot Labs Goatkeeper III Tremolo Providence Effects ADC-3 Anadime Chorus Strymon Orbit Flanger Strymon Bluesky Reverberator Strymon Timeline think there *might* be more pedals - will have a look when I get home.
  11. Lightfoot Labs Goatkeeper III, buy it from Prymaxe Vintage and it's about £75 - £100 cheaper than buying it over here.
  12. Soda - instead of the Mesa V-Twin have a look at the Wampler Triple Wreck. I've never played a Distortion pedal quite like it - hence why I bought one instead of anything else I've ever tried. Really useful, flexible EQ, has a boost as well that can turn it into a fuzzy monster or just as a straight boost. Marvellous! Want one of these; Fender Telecaster FMT HH or GL ASAT Deluxe Carved Top who else manufactures HH Carved Top Telecasters?
  13. Back up for sale, now with a BKP Nailbomb in the bridge. Found two others for sale in Athens that aren't the limited edition version and the guy wants 1600EUR+Shipping. Looking for £1100 + Shipping for the Guitar and both bridge Humbuckers (Dimarzio Crunchlab and BKP Nailbomb)
  14. http://www.strymon.net/timeline - I can't think of any individual videos that are as comprehensive as the ones on the Strymon site, 12 different delay modes to choose from!
  15. Now in ownership of a Strymon Timeline and a Wampler Triple Wreck.
  16. Awww, there's my old Chicklet Reverb! That's about enough room for a Timeline and a Rang III Looper
  17. Indeed, so was I. First gig I ever played in Town was with RBC in Triple Kirks with RATAMS. Whatever happened to Sid and Pete?
  18. Phatcat - Sold! Thanks Soda Jerk!
  19. MAKO Mak4 PreAmp + Engl/(VHT/Fryette) Poweramp + the following
  20. Perfect! When's your Lunch and I'll come lurk outside Marischal!
  21. If you're free on Friday or Saturday give me a shout Soda - I could meet you on your lunch break on Friday? I live just outside Aberdeen in an area called Kingseat and work in Dyce. [edit]Just looked it out, got a Dimarzio glass box for it to keep it clean! [/edit] Jimmer, ended up going with a white covered/black hex piece warpig for the MV and a green/black zebra'd Nailbomb for the Washburn. It's my serious last attempt at trying to play nice with it and if I'm lucky it'll stop me gassing for another guitar! Would putting a tone stack back in take some of the brightness away from it btw?
  22. Going to have a few extra pickups floating about soon so figured it would be better getting this organised now rather than later. Up for sale are the following; Tom Anderson H3+ - £50 Seymour Duncan Phatcat with a Nickel Covering - £30 Dimarzio Super3, Black - £40 Dimarzio Crunchlab, Custom Black/Green Zebra with Black Bar & Pole Pieces. The Bar side is green - £50 Disclaimer - the Super3 and Crunchlab are still mounted in guitars until their replacement Bareknuckles come in but as soon as they arrive they'll be out and ready for you!
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