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    two, maybe three kittens free to good homes. two dark and light grey tabbies, one male, one female and a light grey, peach and white female. if anyones interested, i'll get pics. they should be ready in about 6-8 weeks
  2. ive drank everything i can get my hands on and im still not drunk damn.
  3. you want everyone, dont you?
  4. Cant you look for a place while you're still in Reading and get a friend to get pictures of the places for you? See if you like them and then contact the people that have the flat you're interested in. Then you just make all the arrangements, move in and take all your stuff with you.
  5. depending on who im talking to, i either look at my shoes, roll my eyes or raise an eyebrow and wait for them to blabber something.
  6. Don't waste your time with fuck buddies.
  7. lol, i wasn't taking the piss. No, im the only sane one left.
  8. what kinda vocals are you looking for?
  9. i actually think its kinda cute.
  10. All the one's in The Nightmare Before Christmas and Kevin Bloody Wilson - Ho Ho Fucking Ho
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