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  1. 6 months old Xbox 360 Premium pack (box and manuals etc. included) 20Gb HDD 2 Wireless Controllers The Following Games are included: Oblivion, Prey, Ghost Recon Advanced Warfigther, Hitman: blood money, Dead Rising, Rockstar's table tennis, Tom Clancy's Rainbox 6: Vegas ...320 for the lot... If interested reply to thread or PM me. Cheers
  2. hey valley69, Why do you think i should remove Dream theater, metalllica, GNR.etc from our influence lists? This is the music that we listen to, just because we dont sound like them doesnt mean they dont change the way we write and play music. Those bands are the bands I love and that gave me the passion to actually get off my ass for once and do something. If it wasnt for them i wouldnt be a musician. If that isn't an influence, what is? Tom
  3. Rage against the machine - Rage against the machine Faith no more- Who cares alot greatest hits Savatage- handful of rain Dream theater- Images and words Iron Maiden- Iron maiden best of the rest Pearl jam- ten Incubus- fungus amongus Primus- Sailing the seas of cheese Symphony x- the divine wings of tragedy Off topic- check out this up and coming american band! they kick ass www.purevolume.com/sidesofthenorth
  4. Time and money = great song.. awesome vocals, pounding riffs. I'm really enjoying this song, sounds like it must be a great song to hear live. Evergreen is great. Vocals sound kinda Vedder like.. but with a great unique touch. I'm actually really getting into this song and im sending this reply as i go through the tracks for the first time. Definately about to recommend this to some others i know. Everything just fits perfectly in this track! awesome work guys! Didnt initally like the start of fear till it all kicked in... Tool style! Fucking great because i love tool! Then what a treat to hear the vocals! some amazing notes are held at points! I really want to hear you guys live purely because of this song, not to mention the fact the other two are brilliant! Living in glasgow at the moment though! Keep us this aweome work! I'll spread the word! Thomas Clear Tone
  5. Yeah man its still goin to happen. just busy as hell at the moment. was thinkin we should get some covers goin to start off with so we can have a jam and see how it works out before writing stuff. what ye all think? not sure what stuff tho... yet! any ideas?
  6. well that could be useful as im startin a new epic metal/rock band and some help in those aspects would be really useful. there are a few interested musicians and i will start it all very soon.. but some good help from the likes of yourself would be appreciated!
  7. beast! can't wait to get this up and going, if you know others intersted just give me an e-mail. Try get it set up as quick as possible so we can have a bit of a jam. Liking the sound of the epic keyboard stuff So scott wants a peice of guitar action, ross you want to play guitar, keyboards or both?? I had never actually heard any blind guardian. They're amazing!!! we definately need to do stuff like that! they remind me quite a bit like savatage.
  8. I was interested to see if anyone would like to take part in the creation of a new EPIC metal/rock band. Probably quite a bit of prog rock in the equation too in order to create a rather savatage/rhapsody/dream theater style band. I would be intrested in finding one or two guitarists capable of pulling off and writing memorable EPIC riffs and lines. A beast of a drummer with ability to play some other percussion instruments aswell. A keyboard or piano player would be great. Preferably with classical influence in their playing and finally a very very capable singer with a large vocal range. We are gonna be needing some real high and sustained notes. thanks Tom kinkodaclown@hotmail.com
  9. Yeah ive been looking for a side project or two. Faith no more are one of the best bands ever.. a cover band.. count me in.. Although the bass for some faith no more can get a bit boring so a original band taking influence from the list below would be ultimate Faith no More Mr bungle Dream theater Rush Yes Victor wooten Stanley clarke Primus Incubus Rhapsody Savatage I play bass in cleartone at the moment but i have far too much time to spare. I play alot of slap and tapping some double thump and jazz lines on speed! i.e Jaco pastorius! e-mail me on kinkodaclown@hotmail.com
  10. ohhh so many not too sure on any order but oh well calssical thump - victor wooten yyz - rush silly putty - stanley clarke power - marcus miller tommy the cat - primus dmv - primus round about - yes country music- stu hamm aeroplane - red hot chillis metropolis part 1 - dream theater thats some fairly kick ass bass performances i rekon!
  11. i sstrated off learning songs. But aint for ages. I just imporvise of do some scale work. I try also to learn every technique i possibly can so i have more variety in my work. I also like to take songs made for other instruemnts and apply them to bass. Mainly some classical piano pieces by bach and mozart. I also try everything ive done for one form of playing and do it diffenrently with other methods. i.e converting a simple riff that is played with finger picking and slap it all then double slap it then try it tapping and cross hand tapping. Also for bassists out there go to activebass.com and check out the lesson part. It's just tons of kool stuff ppl have made up etc and put on line. When i learn songs i usually pick two by the same artist. one which is clearly beyond me and one that i could probs do. I start with the hardest first for days and usually dont get too far, then learn the easier one which then feels like a peice of piss. I continue at that song till i can play it at normally a good few beats over the actual speed then go bak to the harder song which quickly feels a hell of alot simpler. you should try it, seems to work quite well!
  12. i dont think its fair to say any instrument is easier than the other. It's all about the actual music. Which we all collectively learn together. Victor Wooten describes music as a language. When someone asks how we writes music he turns the question back on them, What words did they use, did they have any verbs etc. What punctuation did they use, why did they use the words they did. To advance at a language you must increase your vocabulary which Vic believes applies to music. You want to be great at music you got to keep on learning new stuff so when you next say something musically you don't even have to think about it. Anyway when it comes to instruments the difficulty all depends on what you are trying to say. Sure bass lines to the likes of blink 182 are simple but so are the guitar parts. But if you are determined to play like John Pretucci of dream theater straight away then guitar might see just a tad difficult!!!! same goes for a bassisst instantly trying to play some Victor Wooten or Stanley Clarke or Marcus Miller. Not sure if any one will agree with all this.
  13. ben dude. Its fair enuff what u said but why u rekon we dont put emotion in to the songs??? i feel we do. But i would like to know what u menat and how u feel it could be better! And was the tone of the guitars not to your personal liking or did u think it was generally shit?? any other comments anyone? I love playin our stuff! i'd like some more technical stuff in ther tho. maybe a little dream theatre. Sometimes i too fell the tone is strange. I've put it down to the fact that tom and paul have different tones and styles but we want to use this in future development to our advantage. We just need to work on it and create a balance and some kick ass riffs. I rekon u could see tons off different stuff come out of us as we develope and experiment. I'd like some really mellow songs almost like alot of pearl jam - ten. Or some queens of the stone age. At one point we had a song that was almost emo (it got scraped). Anyhoos all comments wanted and greatly appreciated.
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