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  1. Libertines. Pete & Carl. Amazing. Aftershow party for three quid after official gig. Rockin' Kain supporting who rocked Drummonds last Friday. THe Wildcards. Can anyone fill me in in the know of them? They are turley rocking. The bassist is a legend. Thank you all.
  2. Oooooh, harsh. Keilan 1 Rest of the World 0
  3. Tampering with images you little nazi?
  4. Examples of my work. Also, in the middle of creating a new masterpiece, but lacking inspiration @ http://geocities.com/dym_bm/
  5. More details please, just a web design? Scipts? Flash? gah gah gah, yeah, more details, pluuuhease!
  6. A rockin' bass solo at that! Next gig, when, where, with?
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