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  1. Hear clips of two tracks from our forthcoming single at www.overplay.co.uk/theprogram. Feel free to leave comments. thanks xx:band:
  2. Hello Take a look on www.silversuit.co.uk and hear Radio 1 & XFM play-listed Silversuit. Feel free to leave a comment on the message board and if you like what you hear, then e-mail silversuitmusic@hotmail.com and the first five to do so will receive a free demo c.d. in the post. Cheers Silversuit
  3. Hello Can anyone help? Which are the best venues to play in Aberdeen for unsigned Indie bands? Check out 6 Silversuit tracks (including the 'Radio One Wales' reviewed and 'XFM unsigned' playlisted single 'Hanging with the Beehives') on www.overplay.co.uk/Silversuit the definitive site for unsigned bands. Feel free to leave a comment on Overplay or on Silversuit's official website: www.silversuit.co.uk Cheers
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