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  1. Yeah man I like all sorts of stuff, get in touch and we'll jam.
  2. How much? i may b interested, what wattage m8?
  3. Hi, got my electric guitar, amp and effects unit, a decent Shure mic, i've downloaded adobe audition trial, now i believe i just need to get two 5.4" to pc line in jack adaptors, any1 know an easier way or Im i missing something xcept talent! lol My soundcard is an XFI from xreative labs I think i just bust my amp, do i just need aux/mic-phones inputs as well as main input as well? beers 4 answer Lol Cheers in anticipation all! Dexter:up:
  4. Okay send me details about yourself; your interests etc. My email address should be viewable to you in member profiles.
  5. Hi all, I write and play songs on guitar, but I am looking for a Johny Marr/Edge/Johnny Greenwood guitar wizzkid for lead and rthyme work on my songs, I have been in a band before (Incendiary) but that fell apart a few years ago, I aint a great guitarist so ideally looking to get quality out of my stuff with a co-writer/guitarist, before we look for other band members. Age: between 27-35 Inlfuences: U2; The Smiths/Mozza; REM; Manics; Joy Division, Radiohead, Editors and Bloc Party Interested? email to akadexter@U2.com No timewaster please! I'm getting on a bit and want to get out there live again and record material as I'm sick of open mike nights!!! Cheers! Dexter:up:
  6. Guitarist Wanted Yea I'd be up for a tryout; I play guitar,sing and write some of my own stuff too Check me out in members section 4 msn/email address:up:
  7. Singer/Guitarist Required I sing, write and play my own tunes on guitar, though I'm no Slash, but I'd be up 4 a jam:up: Look me up in members addresses and gies a bell if yer up fer it!
  8. Musicians wanted Hi I play guitar/sing, and write my own stuff, if interested drop me a line:up:
  9. I want to form a band Hi Scenester I'd be interested in working with you. I like Radiohead, Pixies, The Cure, U2 and play guitar/sing and write songs. Drop me a line if interested:up:
  10. New band? New Dawn? Ye smudge I may be interested, but NOT Cock Rawk shitty metal! not a massive fan of the genre, nut I like the Chillies; loved Faith No more, Pumpkins and Zep and Sabbath in fact i love anything thats good! Mostly into the afore mentioned bands, U2 and Joy Division and the Stones as well I write good lyrics and can sing well (so past audiences have told me!) I can play a little rythme guitar and occ. lead - if u wann a get a jam going pm me and well get going!!!
  11. Dexter


    Hi B only know Biffy clyro, but I am songwriter/lyricist, if u aint agist (I'm 33) then u can PM me if interested? My influences r U2 Joy Division early REM Radiohead, pumpkins Listening to Bloc Party and Interpol at the mo. Ta
  12. Yes Please ! Dying to get gigging again!!! Hi Thomas! I would like to get a jam going, see what comes out of it. I like all kinds of music; Zep, Doors, but love Joy Division U2 and early REM b4 they got bland. I am an excellent singer (thats what I've been told honest!) and play rythym guitar, I write lyrics and tunes too but I need a serious shit hot lead guitarist, a good hard banging drummer and a bassist like Hookie from New Order /JD Currently listening to Bloc Party, Interpol, Mercury Rev but into all forms of rock, indie alternative, anything decent but draw the line @ dance bollox! catch me on dexter@cooper3418.fsnet.co.uk if interested? Cheers!
  13. Hi Thomas I may be interested! I am a singer/lyricist and have written some songs already, though I only into a couple of the bands you mentioned, in saying that I dont want to sound like anyone else, PM me a reply if u r up 4 a jam
  14. Hi all, I am looking 4 a shit hot guitarist, aged between 22-35 to work on tunes/lyrics written by myself, i also play rhythm guitarist influences: The Smiths (obviously!), Radiohead, R.E.M. U2, The Bunnymen, Delirious?, Manics. Interested? drop me a line! Dexter
  15. undefined Fair do's Hog, so you hate the Franz boys: I thinks its a little churlish to hate people because of their musical tastes. The beauty of music is that it IS so varied, with different genres, tastes and shit. I think it would be a stale boring planet if we liked all the same shit as you!
  16. Found found found! Hey Intense I'm your man! I play rthyme guitar, sing and write my own songs; I'm into The Smiths, Joy Division (Ian Curtis was an excellent lyricist) REM, Manics, U2 amongst other stuff. love The Pistols and The Clash, esp. London Calling. Would like to create tunes on a par with The Queen Is Dead, The Holy Bible and Closer. interested? email me on: dexter@cooper3418.fsnet.co.uk Ta!
  17. Hey Matthew are you in a band @ the moment? if not, post me a reply as to what you play, I've already had an email from terrorfex regarding forming a new band. I sing, write lyrics and play a rthyme guitar. So gies a post and lets be having you!
  18. xxx Hi there i havent been on this site 4 a bit; I am dying to get back onstage with a new band after a hiatus of about 3 years. looking 4: Bassist, drummer, lead guitarist 4 a new band to play material that i have written, i myself play rythme guitar and vocals, with occ. lead parts. No musos really needed, just commitment , entusiasm and a love of playing live and music. Basic stuff- NOT Oasis but not flashy neither. Influences: The Smiths, REM, U2, Radiohead, Muse, Echo & The Bunnymen, Suede Anyone interested? in my last band we didnt do covers, though i guess thats needed now just to get em singing! I f interested post me ur tel numberor email address. Ta
  19. I agree that the band are not bad; i aint got their album yet; but like what i've heard so far; esp. "matinee" it isnt the bands fault if the radio deem them good enough to recieve a large portion of airplay, also can I ask if someone can gies a post as well to let me know if they are playing in Aberdeen? Cheers solid citizens.
  20. lyrics one of my favourite lyrics is: " And if a double decker bus, crashes into us, to die by your side is a heavenly way to die; and if a two-tonne truck, kills the both of us, to die by your side; it's a pleasure the privelage is mine" Written by Morrissey; of The Smiths classic album "The Queen is Dead" - just completely over the top and ridiculous; but then tha has always been Mozzas style!undefinedundefined
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