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  1. Yeah man I like all sorts of stuff, get in touch and we'll jam.
  2. How much? i may b interested, what wattage m8?
  3. Hi, got my electric guitar, amp and effects unit, a decent Shure mic, i've downloaded adobe audition trial, now i believe i just need to get two 5.4" to pc line in jack adaptors, any1 know an easier way or Im i missing something xcept talent! lol My soundcard is an XFI from xreative labs I think i just bust my amp, do i just need aux/mic-phones inputs as well as main input as well? beers 4 answer Lol Cheers in anticipation all! Dexter:up:
  4. Okay send me details about yourself; your interests etc. My email address should be viewable to you in member profiles.
  5. Hi all, I write and play songs on guitar, but I am looking for a Johny Marr/Edge/Johnny Greenwood guitar wizzkid for lead and rthyme work on my songs, I have been in a band before (Incendiary) but that fell apart a few years ago, I aint a great guitarist so ideally looking to get quality out of my stuff with a co-writer/guitarist, before we look for other band members. Age: between 27-35 Inlfuences: U2; The Smiths/Mozza; REM; Manics; Joy Division, Radiohead, Editors and Bloc Party Interested? email to akadexter@U2.com No timewaster please! I'm getting on a bit and want to get out there live again and record material as I'm sick of open mike nights!!! Cheers! Dexter:up:
  6. Guitarist Wanted Yea I'd be up for a tryout; I play guitar,sing and write some of my own stuff too Check me out in members section 4 msn/email address:up:
  7. Singer/Guitarist Required I sing, write and play my own tunes on guitar, though I'm no Slash, but I'd be up 4 a jam:up: Look me up in members addresses and gies a bell if yer up fer it!
  8. Musicians wanted Hi I play guitar/sing, and write my own stuff, if interested drop me a line:up:
  9. I want to form a band Hi Scenester I'd be interested in working with you. I like Radiohead, Pixies, The Cure, U2 and play guitar/sing and write songs. Drop me a line if interested:up:
  10. New band? New Dawn? Ye smudge I may be interested, but NOT Cock Rawk shitty metal! not a massive fan of the genre, nut I like the Chillies; loved Faith No more, Pumpkins and Zep and Sabbath in fact i love anything thats good! Mostly into the afore mentioned bands, U2 and Joy Division and the Stones as well I write good lyrics and can sing well (so past audiences have told me!) I can play a little rythme guitar and occ. lead - if u wann a get a jam going pm me and well get going!!!
  11. Dexter


    Hi B only know Biffy clyro, but I am songwriter/lyricist, if u aint agist (I'm 33) then u can PM me if interested? My influences r U2 Joy Division early REM Radiohead, pumpkins Listening to Bloc Party and Interpol at the mo. Ta
  12. Yes Please ! Dying to get gigging again!!! Hi Thomas! I would like to get a jam going, see what comes out of it. I like all kinds of music; Zep, Doors, but love Joy Division U2 and early REM b4 they got bland. I am an excellent singer (thats what I've been told honest!) and play rythym guitar, I write lyrics and tunes too but I need a serious shit hot lead guitarist, a good hard banging drummer and a bassist like Hookie from New Order /JD Currently listening to Bloc Party, Interpol, Mercury Rev but into all forms of rock, indie alternative, anything decent but draw the line @ dance bollox! catch me on dexter@cooper3418.fsnet.co.uk if interested? Cheers!
  13. Hi Thomas I may be interested! I am a singer/lyricist and have written some songs already, though I only into a couple of the bands you mentioned, in saying that I dont want to sound like anyone else, PM me a reply if u r up 4 a jam
  14. Hi all, I am looking 4 a shit hot guitarist, aged between 22-35 to work on tunes/lyrics written by myself, i also play rhythm guitarist influences: The Smiths (obviously!), Radiohead, R.E.M. U2, The Bunnymen, Delirious?, Manics. Interested? drop me a line! Dexter
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