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  1. Nick, Terry and Dave M were in Verge which pretty much became Driveblind. Dave M was in the Highsounds which were previously the Unflavoured. Although the Highsounds had a female and not male singer. I think that Jack was the bass player in Inertia. Dave N was in Men Lie which became J60.
  2. Hi, just uploaded 3 of our album songs to our myspace and deleted all the old songs and versions. THE LITTLE KICKS on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads
  3. 3 new tunes now on our myspace THE LITTLE KICKS on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads
  4. tour and times The tour was ace fun. We played some good shows, tried out some new songs that seemed to go down really well, sold some merchandise, had very little sleep and got rather drunk all the time. The 5 days have all blurred in to one very good time. I think we are on going to be on stage at 11 ish on Friday. You should try and get down for 10 as that's when the Chutes are on and they are a great live band. I am really looking forward to our album launch!
  5. Steve keeps me locked in a box in his bedroom. It is some horrific boxing Helena fetish he has!
  6. avalanche records Hope to have it for sale in Edinburgh too on the 8th.
  7. I will refrain from playing my iliketrains records though. Save that for my own listening pleasure!
  8. Tbreak was announced last night on Vic Galloways show.
  9. dear me that's what Steve's been spending all our band kitty money on!
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