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  1. That's right. This face-achingly good line-up is blessing Upstairs at O'Neills tomorrow night fortheloveofgod. You know you want to come to this. https://www.facebook.com/events/449571671886383
  2. THE LADS AT STAR ROVER HAVE A NEW ONE. Good lord. Please have a listen please - https://soundcloud.com/starrover/light Thankyouverymuch
  3. Back again, folks. Here is our new single, what we recorded "properly" in a studio in Leith and it is called 'MEDIC!' https://soundcloud.com/starrover/medic Please let us know what you think! I predict we'll be up playing Aberdeen sooner rather than later
  4. Came along to do some shameless self-promotion and, behold, Kirsten has saved my face! But yes, please listen and tell us wot u fink. Thanks Kirsten!
  5. Back https://soundcloud.com/starrover/stay-puft Hope your ears enjoy that. Feel very free to commentate!
  6. OOFT. Here is the video for "Alright, Tonight" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=84GMOwDMzjc It features members from local legends Lenin Death Mask and Star Rover used to LIVE in Aberdeen so it counts yeah. Cheels!
  7. Lovin' it. Nice chords and licks and singingings and stuff
  8. Good grief. We at Star Rover have a new song for you and yours. Here it is https://soundcloud.com/starrover/alright-tonight It is called "Alright, Tonight" and is garage-rock I SUPPOSE... Any comments most welcomed. OH YEAH, AND WE ARE PLAYING CELLAR 35 ON SUNDAY EVENING. THANK.
  9. Oosh! Star Rover have a new one called "Veneer". Go listen here https://soundcloud.com/starrover/veneer Would be nice to hear what y'all think too... Thanks!
  10. We didn't peddle our new track on here yet! Here it is: https://soundcloud.com/starrover/addult Getdownonit! I've been pushing my "my pop music" thread on here for about 6 years or summat... time to put that rather lonely thread to bed. Happy days!
  11. Here'smi, back again to fish for comments on my 'Alternative Pop' stylings... The new one is here http://soundcloud.com/starrover and here http://starrover.bandcamp.com/ (in case soundCLOWNd isn't working for your IE browser). The new song is called "Daemons". Got me a couple of Aberdeen lads down here in Edinburgh who are on board and we are rehearsing in earnest! Star Rover is much more than this virtual entity it has ever been i feel. Whoohoo indeed. Cheers!
  12. I have just realised that i didn't plug this new tune on here yet soundcloud.com/starrover/oh-no Let me know what yous think. Cheers as always!
  13. Hello folks, I haven't posted on here in a while, moved to Edinburgh, stopped going to local gigs as much blah blah... Anyways, i have been continuing to write under my Star Rover project and finally produced a "proper" EP. It is here http://soundcloud.com/starrover and here http://starrover.bandcamp.com/album/the-ephemeral-ep for listening and downloading if you so wish! Finally got a drummer down here too so Star Rover will end up something much more tangible again very soon Comments always welcomed! Fank, Davy.
  14. Fuck me! It's been a while. But i have a new one http://soundcloud.com/starrover it's called "Four Walls" and any feedback is appreciated. Thanks guys!
  15. ah yes i have already spoken to Christy, seeing if he had any drumming cohorts down here but it seems not. I'm sure he's got enough on his hands with Deportees though.
  16. That would be great if you could give him a shout yeah, cheers! My email is dauvit60@hotmail.com if he wants to get in touch and i'll give him my mobile number too. Even if he doesn't fancy it let me know My ex-drummer should still be available. He works offshore but i will get in touch with him if you'd like? What sort of stuff will you be playing? Davy.
  17. Hello folks, I had a wee project going in aberdeen a few months ago but had to move to Edinburgh. So, i have decided to get playing/practicing these songs down here again but i need a drummer. Since i know next to no-one down here i am finding it hard to get anybody. Getting a bit desperate now! So if anyone knows anyone down Edinburgh way that would be interested in playing in an alternative band pointing them my way would be hugely appreciated! i am also considering recording an EP in the next 3 months so if the drummer could even spare a few hours to learn songs and help me out in the recording process that would be great too! i'm 26 y/o and the music can be listened to here www.soundcloud.com/starrover any help would be lovely!
  18. Been loving the album for a couple of weeks now. Bloody brill!!
  19. MOAR! hello. I have a new song called "He" and it can be listened to here http://www.soundcloud.com/starrover Comments and criticisms always welcomed. Thanks folks.
  20. i use Cubase and i have drum loop software for the drums. Everything else is mic'd up.
  21. http://soundcloud.com/starrover/misadventure here is my new song if anyone fancies a listen. Cheers.
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