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  1. looks funky ! plus you'd be the only rocker in tinsel town with one as by the other posts most others hate it...originality goes a long way in politics. ?(
  2. Thin Lizzie, Whiskey in the Jar. thats a good one
  3. that bungee thing was quite a shock, really wasnt expecting to see that hehehe, was fun though. Unicyle Jousting DOES sound funky , good suggestion the lad. may have to pop along on wednesday and beat the hell out of anyone who wants it :o)
  4. Firstly... Where is the love? Secondly... The reason so many underagers get into moshulu is cos by getting all 'gothed up' one can disguise their age very easily, bit of corpse paint here, huge fing spike through the lip, maybe some fancy hat ( i like hats). Bouncers tend to think outgoing 'gothed up' folk arnt young, foolish but true. Thirdly.... Ass Boy Bouncer at Exodus, he is a twat ignore him. He searched me cos i was wearing tie die once, and wouldnt let me into exodus with my hat on but could go into TK, seemed odd to me but nm. Fourthly... HJB's cocktails 241 nights ROCK ! need more :o) and dem bouncers seem nice but i usualy turn up trashed so not sure, they always say good night and hello though very warm and friendly ahahah !
  5. Dude ! ........ SWEET ! that is a dream kit, the power the noise !!! can i have a go? hehe
  6. The Eagles drummer was lead singer...he doesnt do a shabby job at all, check out Hotel California and the likes. Having said which though, it is hard when ya first try it, as instead of only doing four things, you must now do 5. (the four being, foot drum,Hi-Hat, left stick , right stick.) who said men can't multi-task
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