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  1. Now it's 99, not Drummonds. bit of a wierd one that by all accounts. Andy was telling me about that when I saw last time.
  2. Each and every Tuesday sit back and relax to some of Aberdeens finest acoustic acts with a cocktail in your hand and a smile on your face. Full line ups here: Ruby Tuesday @ 99 I'll also post up here to keep you in the loop. Mata ne, Kabuki
  3. Well it was the big JC's (Johhny Cash that is) birthday yesterday. So join us in Cafe Drummond tomorrow as we celebrate his b/day. All the acts will be doing their own spin on Johnny Cash's tunes as well as chucking in a few of their own. Last year there was well over 300 folk in attendance so I'd come down early.
  4. Kabuki Presents: Bench (Local Mogwai-alike yodellers) Refuse Boy (Power pop from Edinburgh) Dr Flaw (Homegrown indie upstarts) Doors at 8pm. Doors Tax: 3 Mata ne, Kabuki
  5. Bit of a last minute post here. Tomorrow in Cafe Drummond: Aziz Ibrahim formerly of The Stone Roses. Doors at 8. ? (Eric never telt me! Probably 1 or 2) Last time he was up, was fantastic. T'is well worth a look. Mata ne, Kabuki
  6. All the way from New York City to Cafe Drummond in one easy step. Kabuki Presents: Aluminium Babe (Describing themselves as a gritty cross between the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and the Cardigans. Think grit-pop) + Blue Speckled Mitz's (Local home grown heros) Doors at 9pm and t'is only a paltry 2. Mata ne, Andy
  7. Ah! Bless the bands when they do some of the work for you. Cheers Elphi. Little side note: Cord shoould be very interesting. Just signed to Island records and their first single is out in about two weeks. Check them out while it's still cheap to do so. Mata ne, Andy
  8. Sweet! As for sobriety; so long as you don't throw up on stage again i'm not that bothered.
  9. Death By Dave should be half 8-ish and Radio Lucifer should be around half 11. Rough running order is: Steve Milne: 8:00 Death By Dave: 8:40 Amy Sawers: 9:30 Ghost of Bongo: 10:30 Radio Lucifer: 11:30 Short Notice: 12:30 Mata ne, Andy
  10. Sadly it t'isnt the Man in black himself, but it is his birthday. So to celebrate join in the tribute at Cafe Drummond Short Notice - Top class punk-a-billy Radio Lucifer - A touch of punk and lots of acrobatics Ghost of Bongo - Local funk talent Amy Sawers - Sexy, sassy female indie Death By Dave - Electro-weirdness Steven Milne - Solo effort from the The Little Kicks frontman Doors at 7pm. 3 Cafe Drummond
  11. Slight problemo with the gig. Des Jure have split up. Internal problems with the singer and they're not honouring any of the pre-booked gigs. C'est la vie. Line up for the night is now. Reasons Are Red (Onstage about 11ish) The Phoenix Band (Onstage about 10ish) Junkdust (Onstage bout 9) Apologies for this.
  12. Fair do's. Lazy promoter shorthand. Just confirmed the third band for the night: Des Jure Features Bob Fairfoul ex-Idlewild and Degrassi as well as two ex-members of The Gloria Flaw and one other member of Degrassi. Interesting line up!
  13. Kabuki Presents: Reasons Are RedAberdeens answer to Explosions In The Sky Des Jure Features Bob Fairfoul ex-Idlewild and Degrassi as well as two ex-members of The Gloria Flaw and one other member of Degrassi. Interesting line up! The Phoenix BandFunky indie for the barren wastelands of up North. You might remember them as The Ark Royals Cafe Drummond. Tuesday 24th January Doors @ 8.30. Door Tax £2.
  14. Kabuki Presents: Strobing GoatLocal noise merchants with penchant for the strangeDear JohnTo paraphrase Metal Hammer: "Akin to a spaceship journey with Captain Beefheart at the controls. TBCI think I'm doing ok with two bands booked this far in advance! Cafe Drummond. Tuesday 10th January. Doors @ 8:30. Tax: £3
  15. Kabuki Presents: The BeardFemale fronted angular indie. The VandelaysLocal power pop heroes Rescue PartyNE indie contenders to the crown Cafe Drummond. Tuesday 27th December. Doors @ 8:30. Door Tax: 2 You know you want to escape your families, come hither to Drummonds. Mata ne, Kabuki
  16. For this evenings delectation Kabuki Presents: Diablo + Jamie Sturt. Doors 9pm. Tax: 2 It's also a birthday celebration night; as at the stroke of midnight Chas (Diablo's cocky, arrogant lead singer) begins his birthday celebrations. I believe he turns twelve. Bless his cotton socks. Mata ne, Kabuki
  17. Just a quick #bumpity bump# For those that don't know BTW; Dear John are a local industrial band that haven't played in ages. It's actually Calum the Drummonds sound engineers band and they got reviewed in Metal Hammer last month. So any musos that want to see how sound techies get on on stage should come along. They're on first. Mata ne, Kabuki
  18. Hey Stuart Say hi to Jo for me. I'd be along, but I'm working with Radio Lucifer, Black Atom and Dear John at Drummonds tonight. Mata ne, Kabuki
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