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  1. running order tbc Desalvo Secta Rouge Zillah We Shall Be Blessed The Summer They All Went Mad Asuras One Man & His Blunderbuss Certain Death Bonesaw 1 more band tbc 07/01/07 The Subway Cowgate Doors 3pm 6.00 more updates soon
  2. Looking forward to this gig - been way too long Another mp3 "Gods Anger (I Expire)" is now up on our myspace page http://www.myspace.com/zillahnoise
  3. ZILLAH - "SUBSTITUTE FOR A CATASTROPHE" out now on Retribute Records Zillah combine dissonant riffs, chaotic drumming and raging vocals to create a sound that is uniquely their own. A brutal assault on the senses for fans of Voivod, Burnt By The Sun and Mastodon Order direct for 6.99 (UK) / $12 (Else) (All prices include first class/airmail shipping) by sending payment via Paypal to Retributeorders@aol.com http://www.retributerecords.com New song "The Ghost That Walks" is available to stream @ the link below http://www.myspace.com/zillahnoise
  4. Still a while off but there should be a few people intereted in this one Bolt Thrower + Tour support tbc Zillah 06/04/06 The Bongo Club Holyrood Road Edinburgh Doors 7pm 6+booking fee (tickets available soon) 7.00 on door more info soon
  5. The complete version of the promo video for "Koteas" can be now be viewed in Quicktime format @ http://www.zillah666.co.uk (29.1MB) The video was directed, edited & animated by Remko Tielemans from Dutch band Isle Of Man Cheers Roddy
  6. Executive Distraction Tasks have cancelled - replacement will be announced soon
  7. Madman Is Absolute Godplayer Tangaroa Zillah Sons Of Slaughter Executive Distraction Tasks Friday Night Gunfight IX Black Sun Laid To Rest Pigscum In Decades Decline 1 (possibly 2) More band tba Running order to be confirmed soon 16/07/05 @ The Subway, Cowgate, Edinburgh Doors 12pm 7.00
  8. The new Zillah CD "Standing Next To Normal" will be available 05/05 - check http://www.zillah666.co.uk for more details Check the link below for the (nearly) complete promo video for the track "Koteas" in Windows Media format - this video was flimed, animated and edited by Remko Tielmans from Dutch band Isle Of Man KOTEAS (22mb)
  9. We'll have copies of the last CD "When Rock Goes Wrong" for the gig
  10. We've still got to mix it and get it reproduced Probably be the end of November before it's released
  11. The song is taken from the new Zillah CD "Standing Next To Normal" to be released some point in November Koteas (rough mix)
  12. This is a total Neurosis rip off but who cares Zillah will be releasing an industrial/ambient CD (title t.b.c) produced by Chris Maguire of Polecat & Nagual. This is designed to be played simultaneously with our current release "When Rock Goes Wrong" - http://www.soundclick.com/util/stre...ID=1191469&q=Lo - uncompleted version of "Sharps Only" mixed with the soundscape (very rough version to give you an idea) The CD will be free to anyone who purchases any of our merchandise at future gigs/owns it already. Release date will be confirmed soon
  13. Zillah T-shirts will be available in the next couple of weeks, If you'd like to pre-order a shirt get in touch at the address below. Front print will be posted in the next couple of days Shirts will cost 8.50 (inc p&p) mailto:info@zillah666.co.uk Zillah
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