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  1. Zero - that is really easy to get, just keep all tones balanced, use both pickups (not only the ones at the bridge) compress like hell, and give it a good sirr, follow these simpe steps and you can open a new service of plastr removal
  2. i did pm hog but it looks like the forum addict hasn't replied. i will send the rest of you the same pm i sent him straight after his post about pms
  3. i would like to just point out 1 tiny detail, i havent quit element at all, i have been kicked out. you can immagine my surprise one morning, checking my mobile, and finding a txt on the lines of: "sorry mate you are out we cant be having with missing gigs" bitter? hell yea after 6 years i expect a face to face discussion with the option of saying my own version, so to answer your question, no i wont be doing any more gigs with element
  4. so let me get this straight you going to gig without a bassplayer? hummmm.. it might even work
  5. so who is going to be the new element bass player?
  6. i may ad that Seaborgium is a rather cool metal as well, and probably the heavyest
  7. YETI

    da new one

    ok i have listened to the new one now twice in quick succession, and i have to say that: 1 it rocks, i really love the way we are going 2 the sound is a bit dry but it still rocks 3 we really need to get tighter as there were some blurry bits, but it still rocks 4 i dont think i like the feedback over mt tapping bit, but i have to admit that the song rocks
  8. ok i have listened to it for a few more times and i think is a very good song' for a more personal note: i really like the style of drumming, fast snare and DB to match guitar harmonies on a fast pace, just to get away from the usual fast mush for a verse and a slo harmony over the chorus (you cant deny that) ok the bass has avery simple line but i am willing to sacrify myself only thing i see as a not so good note on that song is the singer hi end growl al Phil Anselmo (never been a big fan), BUT replacve it with the deep growl of the Tonster and ytou see where i am going,
  9. that is the shit, i d love to play stuff like that, but ofcourse i cant write anything. and we still have at least 3 songs to rework that we havent touched insted of creating new material. if you dont want to do it is fine but dont just say "yeah we will" and than just ignore it and to be honest i dont really like Syl l, sorry Hogster they dont really appeal to me
  10. agree, fully. how about a song that is NOT our style (unlike metallica and syl) and make it ours, some of the best covers were done by changing the style of a song for example the tetris theme tune done ska version, by Mr bungle it rocks i know that for you peeps is a bit difficult to get out of your narrow alley of metalness but there are 1000s of styles out there and just because You dont like them doesent mean tht peeps that do dont understand what real music is
  11. but peter jackson isnt in it at all, he is just the director damn you all skinny beardless peeps, just because i am fat and i have a beard doesent mean i look like every single other person who is fat and/or has a beard (namely when peeps call me Binladen for my beard ..... uhu!?!?!
  12. which one is it? i cant open it... elemental by any chance?
  13. i can almost sweep pick tis one.. but i dont use a pick... so i could say that i can sweepfinger that... almost tho
  14. so what my glass is always half empty.. that doesent mean i hate the drink... i have 2 chest freezers full of enthusiasm... is just that some peeps put down the first brick and they cheer because the house is almost finished.... and i am not pessimistic i am realistic, deal with the matters at hand and cheer once the work is done and is beautyful, which it will be hog i will need to get a decent sound for that solo and you are just the man... so when are we gonna do that tune reworking session? i have next week off so give me a shout
  15. LOL no but well spotted.. i gues it was a fluke
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