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  1. okay, so I can't count, they hold 96 CDs total, not 84. and I need to get rid of these, so I'll take a tenner, or nearest offer.
  2. 8 x black plastic CD storage units. Can be slotted together horizontally or vertically, or fixed to the wall if you're short of shelf space. Holds 84 CDs total, and each unit has a slot large enough for old-school double CDs. Dimensions (cm) - 17(h) x 14(w) x 13(d) per unit. 15 quid, city centre collection. K
  3. im sure i got a cake for my 18th from asda with a photo printed onto the icing.
  4. i can't do it, i get to rst and want to finish typing my name instead (kirstie). and the i and u are right next to each other.
  5. saw loads of cool costumes but one of my favourites was a girl in the union dressed up as the chick from nightmare before christmas (sally? can't remember). she had painted her arms white and everything. well, its that or she was the palest person ever.
  6. if it was an engineering class they were probably quite happy to sit and laugh at this guy for a good ten minutes before anyone corrected him
  7. wasnt too keen on drinking absinthe on friday but was forced into it. it doesnt taste as bad as i thought it would, managed to avoid getting totally wasted by knocking over my second glass with my chest whilst standing at the bar. such a waste but at least i remember getting home this time.
  8. bet it was pete who asked for the manowar
  9. i got chewbacca. this quiz sucks. though i guess i am loyal, strong and a good mechanic.
  10. crocker ill sponsor you, remind me nearer the time.
  11. excellent, cannot wait. iron maiden, foos, killers, but especially iron maiden. have already booked the time off work, just need to wait til i get paid to get my ticket...
  12. ah, happy wednesdays. bring on the cheapness
  13. "Smoke me a kipper, I'll be back for breakfast." Ace Rimmer. classic.
  14. my first exam is a week on monday. fuck. cant even remember which one it is, wither stress analysis or fluid mechanics. its all scary either way. is QML open yet? need to get my hands on some past papers sharpish.
  15. tesco rejected me too. granted that was over 3 years ago... try sending out a bunch of letters to companys u want to work for. most will at least keep your details for a bit if there arent any jobs at present.
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