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  1. Happy B day Ersky!!! Happy birthday bud, hope you get this if not will be phonin you very shortly any way! By the by, any one noticed the new audio slave album is called "out of Exile". any way hope to see ya on the day if not big love and stuff Jamesy
  2. Monster gig dont know bout the monster cocks though? Will nae doot see you on the 29th, been ages since i was on here mind, the sites lookin sharp, a bit like my self.
  3. Hey man talkin of new original covers hows aboot 1 up? ok only kiddin hows about some wolfs bane?
  4. Wow!! The watcher is insane in a really, really good way!!! What a Gig, that was trully ace, even if i was a little inebriated at the time. Sorry i didnt make it back after, Chose to get legless with sean, but yeah wow. definately as good as the cuties back~side. P.S All hail Len, mighty all powerfull god of tea!!!!!
  5. Golden God


    know what you mean man, went to see the atom gig last night, just a bit on the quiet side like! maybe its the weather or some shit?
  6. Fully stocked wit both g + r Baws! Yo not too fussy as long as both J n' nam and life to this feature, would be cool to hear ches n norry too? As im well equipped in the green and red ball department you could donate a neutral colour for the collection?
  7. As a special treat just for g dove i have arranged the theft, sorry aquisitioned the use of 2 very special items of equiptment from my work. to be delivered in the near future they are a brand new set of both red and green baws so as to avoid confusion in the future, savin the red baw especially for you dude. xx GG.
  8. Ya Mean yellow baw!!!! ya, MY Name is ulf and i am a danish owl ya? watch out for the return o the hemp monkeys under a bed near you, comin real soon!!!
  9. Yo Yo Yo, gonna be a special day tomorrow!!! Just wanted to take the opportunity to wish you both a bloody good B day, you both deserve all the luck in the world lads, yer ace! mean that from the bottom of my heart. I could have said from the bottom of my brain but we all know where that spends most o its time, so nuff said. seriously boys live for the day and will speak tomorrow!!!
  10. Yeh man sorry this is a delayed response man, But yeh that was the finest gig ive seen in quite some time dude. Is it just me or has the sound in drummonds improved by 10 fold since previous gigs. thought the night ROCKED man and seven stone were ace as per usual too, talkin of which Big up wilson in the mosh pit, Yours in Rock Jiminee Cricket!!!!!
  11. Yeh I wouldnt say it was random at all, and can totally see where this is coming from. So could you just clarify this from the way the post reads to me, it would seem that if an artist is the first to genuinely write/create a piece of music then it belongs to that particular party as long as they can produce some form of proving that they were the party to create it. Im maybe missing the point but thats how it reads to me?
  12. Glad you boys enjoyeed the gig see you when you get back, will come over for all the gossip and stuff any one up for the return of the king when you get back. Its been blizzards up here in cosy aberdeen, P.S 6A King street is no more Muhaa ha ha ha.
  13. Your thinking on the right lines but sacrifice is the last thing that will be done to that poor sheep, Beh Beh, Beh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Yo stripey, notice your un registered so perhaps you might be able to give us some kinda of an idea of your own musical talents, bands etc before being so critical of other bands who have been playing gigs for a number of years at various venues around the town. And to be frank ive not heard many others complaining so far!!!! :rolleyes:
  15. Gid to hear!!!!! Good, good my man, might not be such a dull x mas after all. Any chance of Rock Legend making an appearance in either of the sets? Says I. :headbang: :headbang:
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