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  1. yes... well actually NO, unlike some, i dont stay on aberdeen music forums all night... i like to vary the idiots comnents i read
  2. hmm i seem to have bn dumped a way similar to that... on HERE!!!!!
  3. ahhh im going to go see them in glasgow since i lives in edinburgh now.... yaay
  4. wayhey... not naming anyone but **coughs** ross p mr projectile spewer on his jeans.... deary me boy... how you can go down in attractiveness... YOU GOT IN TO TRIPLE KIRKS, but nowhere else would accept your mince head self hehehee i enjoyed what i remember of the gig...
  5. no pic of their new guy doug? twas his 18th....
  6. i shall be there drunk but there i am 18 on the 12th!!!!!
  7. im slow but where is this gig (me no local..)
  8. OOOOOHHH where 2 start... Black eyed peas... oh my god they were ace Pink was surprisinglly fun fun fun Faithless jus blew my head off... but who didnt love them! Basement Jaxx... groovy as hell, but hot as hell too Felix da Housecat... that guy ROCKED Scissor sisters... amazingly good i thought Adam Freeland played Smells like teen spirit adn brought down the slam tent... i must find out about him Groove armada... waste of time as only enjoyed i see you baby... Slam... PAH SHITE as ever Jeff Mills... ok i suppose Chemical brothers were fooking MAGIC oh and not to forget In the gay bar gay bar.. heard it as we passed... teehee magic weekend cant wait til next year, bad neds, but fun neds too!!!!!!
  9. hehehe never knew he was in a band with them
  10. when r tickets on sale...??? i will be in edinburgh then i thinks
  11. i miss my one it was small and useful
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