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  1. SX has gone from the http, but PM for more info
  2. You are very silly to think that Cubase 5.1 is better than SX 2. Just try SX 2 for a couple of days and reap the benefits. THe VSTi freeze function can be invaluble plus the countless other new bells and whitles. The new metering i awesome and the new transport bar rocks. I wouldn't go back if you paid me. I feel sorry for you
  3. Digital Village are selling Off Ableton Live 3 very cheap at the moment. Check out www.digitalvillage.co.uk
  4. if it's going into a soundcard, it will be a stereo 3.5mm jack. Therefore TRS!!The screen (or sleeve of the 3.5mm jack will connect to pins 1&3 on the XLR
  5. Personally and from great experience in the world of connecting balanced mics to unbalanced connections at the university, I would wire 3.5mm tip to pin 2 on XLR and 3.5mm ring also to pin 2. Connect the screen to pins 1 & 3 on the XLR. That will work a treat. In a run of the length you are doing, unbalanced wont matter much. I have frequently run unblanced signals well over 50 metres with no percievalble problems. Especially for recording. Badger
  6. I personally wouldn't be overclocking my processor in a system for audio recording. Stability is everything for didgital recording. Generally athlons overclock quite well, but still..............
  7. send it to steve lamaq or John peel.......
  8. badger


    the whole of spinal tap. does that count???
  9. http://www.simulanalog.org/GSuite.zip free guitar pedals vst fx. highly rated, apparently as accurate /good as big expensive shit
  10. Quite possible Faith No More Live at the Brixton Academey
  11. http://arc.badgerdotcom.co.uk
  12. Damn......exposed again.......
  13. turn up the aux send on channel 3 & 4.................
  14. Tav, I think you should buy a Peavey Bandit...........
  15. You can use the aux outs on your mixer to feed the other two channels on yuor delta 44. Plug you main outputs into 1 & 2 and Aux 1 & 2 on the desk into 3 & 4 on the delta. Voila! Multichannel recording!! Have phun! Badger
  16. badger

    computer for sale

    I'll give you 30 for it. I don't need the keyboard, mouse or monitor.
  17. Yeah, the new Meinl's are ace. All Paiste cymbals sound like fucking dustbin lids. Still gotta love 13" K/Z hats though!!
  18. what do you want exactly?? I am very cheap!
  19. badger

    Drum Parts Wanted

    I can sell you the top of a boom stand and a hi-hat stand washer if that helps???
  20. yeah, "sizzle's" are pretty cool! I'd rather buy a real one than drill it myself though!!
  21. Try out the Ufip Bionics for damn tasty cymbals. I got a 16" and it cuts through even my fat belly, which is going some!!
  22. Try The Evil PA Empire (CLS) on aberdeen 683111. Ask for Darth Maul. or alternatively you could book a heap of crap from ALS or worse, A-Line. If you want to buy one, again try the aforemented businesses (except A-Line) but steer clear of Bruce Millers unless you have more money than sense!!
  23. The way that sound was achieved on the recording was by placing the microphone(s) so close that they were touching on the cone of the speaker. Not usually recommended, but worked a treat in this case!! I can't remeber the other techniques used, but I did read an interview with the recording engineer on that track. Very intresting. It must be in a back issue of "Sound on Sound" somewhere! Badger
  24. Charlie you pap! I have a noise TEAT for you. I'll see you at the Death Star in Bucksburn soon.
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