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  1. Thanks for the replies. I will check out the two options, bit of a hike to Denis marshall, particularly if I have to leave it with him and then go back to get it. If I do this I will give him my evil twin to fix as well! cheers p.
  2. Who's best these days for repairing valve amps? Got a mashall JCM900 that's getting very dodgy; crackling pots, sound level dropping, generally unreliable. Also anyone any idea how much repair will cost? Cheers!
  3. I remember "Gerald the Fish", they were from Dundee and we played with them a few times. Nice lads and they had a good demo tape as I remember...
  4. I'm a big fan, I'd go. Quality band. 2nd & 3rd albums both great.
  5. well I saw him sing with the Animalhouse aroundabout 2002 I think. Is loz from ride drumming on this new album?
  6. I'll have to say, if I'm completely pissed and not too enthralled by a band I do tend to talk to folks... LOTS OF DRINK = TALKING LOUDLY; go to any pub and it's the same, in fact try staying sober on a night out, it's an eye opener, Jokes aren't funny, girls are less attractive and <gasp> that band sounded a lot better after those Guinnesses last week I don't get offended if people talk while my own band is playing, but then we're generally loud enough so we don't hear or care anyway... personally I find pissed people and heckles quite amusing and it gives you something to say apart from "ummmm this song is called ***"
  7. this is a cool idea, and if you can finance it then it would be great for Aberdeen. If totaly independent, could it also be posted with the lemon tree monthly thingy? Would they do that? Their list of so/so gig goers would give it a lot of exposure. Needs a cool name as well...
  8. I think someone already mentioned that the 'general public' are very unlikely to go and see something they haven't already read about in the paper, heard on the Radio or seen on TV. (Cue discussion on how bad Northsound/P&J are) I'm out-of-town now so I go to very few shows these days, but even at Drakes, at almost all gigs I was at the audience consisted mainly of people in bands or mates of people in bands playing. Outwith this 'circle' there seemed to be very little promotion to the general public and the atmosphere certainly would appear 'cliquey' or even hostile (certainly not in a violent way, just a needle scratching when walking-in kind of way) to a 'punter'. If they even heard about it in the 1st place... so I guess that has to be addressed before you'll get record turnouts... but hey, what do I know, I never yet managed to promote anything my own band has done properly
  9. Is this still 4 sale? Might be interested if I get an amp in the next week.
  10. peter


    I concur, the new Weezer album is their worst yet, by a long strech. Maladroit was the best I think, followed by pinkerton. In fact it's so bad I was thinking of returning it 8o
  11. Indeed, and the point about the songs being less value for money because they're SHORTER? You want they should repeat the verse/chrus/verse/chorus again? Just play the goddam song again. I just don't get this point at all. Bands have a right to make money from their songs - gigs at festivals are not awarded on merit - you think the headliners get slots because they're good? They get them because they SELL LOADS OF RECORDS. That's the way it is.
  12. Funnily enough, that's where they got the idea for the name "the wedding present" from - nicked from the birthday party!
  13. I saw them supporting Delgados, and they reminded me of Runrig for some reason. Probably the bass drum thumping thing, I don't know. Nae bad, but didn't rock my world. Their mini-album CD is OK. They are VERY hyped up though.
  14. was going to see this but their last 2 albums have been very dull indeed IMHO - was there enough old stuff played last night?
  15. Let me russle up my bandmates and see if they can all manage - we haven't gigged since march so it'll probably be a shambles, but occasionaly we can be very good... EDIT Sorry our Baz says he can't manage, and a 2 piece just won't work Let you know if anything changes... be interested in another gig sometime if you want!
  16. did the guy from Bruce millers fit the Gibson bridge by any chance? - I got them to replace the bridge on my Jag for a tune-o-matic a few years ago and they thought I was insane from memory - but it worked. In retrospect a tele bridge may have been a better idea.
  17. wonderboy could muster a few songs I'm sure.. tunes at www.wonderboy.org.uk we have been accused of being 'poppy' in the past...
  18. Pics on Ebay:- http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=41439&item=7319886834&rd=1&ssPageName=WDVW Never used this one live, but it's nice...
  19. whoa! I've been away for a while, and this is truly shocking news to come back to. Since I moved out of the city I have not frequented a lot but I will miss Drakes. Thanks for all the great gigs you have put on for Wonderboy over the years. There's not another venue quite like it. p.
  20. Drakes, tonight with The Money Shot and Chief who are from Glasgow, should anyone seek some musical refreshment this evening.
  21. it's nice to play but make sure you are playing with a local band who will actually bring in some people... unless you have a big glasgow following! It doesn't have much of a walk-in crowd by all accounts, they stay in the 'cool' bit upstairs...
  22. caught them at the barras last saturday. They have still got it.
  23. I feel I should comment, having recorded at the mill and recently at Exile. Basically after failing to get any home recording 'finished' over the last year because I was never happy (WARNING: Home recording will ruin your social life and turn you in to a nutter), I wanted someone else to be responsible for the finished product, and so we went to Exile on recommendation from Josephine (who recorded an EXCELLENT l.p. there in quicksmart time) Mark was amazing as a producer and managed to get results out of a pair of fairly unconfident vocalists... for a bargain price as well. We will be going back to record some more songs with him as soon as they are 'ready'. 3 songs = 3 days recodring/mixing time in total I think. The Mill are pretty much pro musos, but will be double or triple the price of Exile. For my money I wouldn't think about going back to the Mill unlkess I needed a string section or something! Toms I have not tried yet, so cannot comment, but I'm sure it'll be a good atmos as he's a nice guy.
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