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  1. i need a new home! as well as rent, i am offering free mobile phone advice, horseriding lessons, photography advice and er, rent. don't let me be homeless... although i'd prefer to live somewhere not too far from berryden/george st. please email me- ogdene@cpw.co.uk ok, i'm not sure if that's the right email address, so (please don't be silly with my no.) 07843055100.
  2. i had sex in the subclub (glasgow) toilets last friday. my friend said doing things like that is degrading, but more importantly my boyfriend said i was dirty and although he meant it as a compliment, the one other person who's said that had absolutely no respect for me and stood me up on hogmanay. therefore, I am going to be good from now on and haven't had sex with him since that night (not because of that) but he's starting to suffer now, the poor boy.
  3. mmmmm.... tongue piercings are very nice...... i've got mine done too, but i'm thinking of taking it out as I'm wondering if people see me as a novelty shag.
  4. won't work. I've been trying to get a fuck buddy for ages and it doesn't work either. people only want one night stands these days. (though i wanted a relationship with someone and got occasional sex- he had a huge willy though ) (and no that doesn't mean anything, of course!...I would have preferred it if he had his tongue pierced) sorry, i'm procrastinating, hence taking this opportunity to tell you about my sex life or lack of
  5. you should be listening to him! particularly if you like 60s folk type music (so i'm told). But i saw him in the cottier theatre the other week, him on his little geeetar and some guy with a double bass, it was really captivating, and the album 'trouble' is pretty sweet, (i bought it then and there) although if you're not loved up (as I'm not) and you're feeling pretty single (as I am) then you might not want to listen too hard to some of the lyrics.
  6. passcodes? eh? nah, you just do 'send', 'via bluetooth' and then it searches for all the unsuspecting victims with bluetooth on in the room and you pick one. mwuaah ha ha hah! i know it works cos I managed to send it to someone i was working with without him realising. unfortunately at the mo i'm only coming up with a T610 which i think is the guy next to me...............oh, actually, I just sent it to someone called 'wadds'. You can send soundclips too, and i happen to know i have a clip whispering 'i can seeeee you!' that my flatmate (who's getting into it too) sent me. looking forward to wierding people out! (random- moi?) i'm a girl by the way! (next post calls me a he) i'm now having flashbacks to when my mum had all my hair cut off when i was 5 ( i cried a lot) and random people would say 'y'alright son?' when i got lost in shopping centres, and i'd want to cry again.
  7. its wireless technology! you see those wee earpieces people wear when driving, that's bluetooth, but also means you can send pics to other people who have it on but you may not know who they are and you don;t need to tell them who you are, you name your own phone or it come us as the model, or 'unknown' unfortunately i'm sat in a really small comp cluster now and noone has it on and its really obvious to see who it is.
  8. yeh but no but yeh but this is how much i procrastinate- i HAVE to have this essay finished by the morn, and here I am, so yeh i'm easily distracted, and its fun being able to send things to people without them knowing its you (or costing you anything) also...i'm being done for 'gross misconduct' at work (we went to kfc on a break, that's it) so texting pictures of rodeo cocks (like the bronco things but a cock, it was in Walkabout) is a great idea to take my mind off things, and amuse me no end (ok you're right)
  9. i've been sending wierd pics to random punters when i'm working behind the bar (am yet to see reaction) and now in the library i've been at it again. at the min my phone is called 'only paedos use b.t' and i been sending a pic (long story, someone sent it to me) saying 'sweetshop 7pm' ah, i amuse myself sometimes. (and i know i'm immature but i have lots and lots of essays due and work is dull) now please tell me i'm not the only fruitloop out there.
  10. arg! yet another thing that brings irvine welsh's maribou stork nightmares into my mind! Disturbing! (and yet i'm starting an essay on it tomorrow, by choice)
  11. roald dahl's dirty beasts is ace! (are?) william carlos williams sometimes... plath is good, i think the neurotic and introspective nature is still relevant. ted hughes is a bit too into the cold war and we're all going to die, but dark is good. byron is very clever (doh!) but funny. shakespeare sometimes donne's on his mistress going to bed is good, funny, (men are pathetic, yet i'd like to be adored like that) but all his religious stuff is shit. god does not want to ravage you. adrienne rich although she's a bit too pro woman, pro lesbo, moany moany, and dating fast. frame is a very emotive poem. and frank o'hara's tribute to billy holiday (the day lady died-?) and definitely lana turner has collapsed- look at it!!! ok, i've done american and english poets but i'll not continue with irish. except to say look at paul muldoon's ireland, and draw your own conclusions : "Ireland" The Volkswagen parked in the gap, But gently ticking over. You wonder if it's lovers And not men hurrying back Across two fields and a river.
  12. erm, no, being a straight girl and all that, i'm not trying to bone girls! was actually meaning fit men however, i am trying to drum up some interest in the photographic society. we're actually alright but i'm paranoid that noones going to go on the trip and i'm organising it and have paid the deposit. anyway...
  13. Join the glasgow uni photography society! or just go to the hogshead on woodlands road at 6.30 on mondays. especially if you're fit. and don't worry if you can't take photos. it dont matter. and check out the messageboards . ok, they're just new and very dull but some randomness would be good. and we (ie me) are planning a trip to crianlarich so please tell me if you just happen to have a wee plan of exactly where to go and what to do when you get there
  14. gosh, you win, spesh with the broken nose thing. but if it makes you feel any better i lost my phone a few weeks ago with all my numbers, and have been messed around majorly since. now my new phone is playing up and needs replaced. also i have lost the number of the guy i was seeing and he'll have given up trying to call me. (that's the point of my whinge). and i came home for the summer to make money but the job i was supposed to start hasn't cos of the builders so in fact I've lost well over 400 (a months waitressing wages) shipping my horse to and fro.
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