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  1. and boyd was suspended
  2. whats the chances of getting a ticket on the door? or even late afternoon from one up or something? i just realised this gig was tomorrow and not last night, and i'm just back from glasgow so thought i was going to miss both chances to see them
  3. yeah, i think they are playing the whole album at least. i am going to the first three, couldnt get tickets for the fourth unfortunately. but will be trying for the next three months. blackened sky is on my birthday!!! amazing
  4. not true. it was some sort of joke (possibly april fools) that seemed to make it round a bit late. read that on punktastic
  5. Got tickets today, yas! Just to check, the date has been changed from those on the tickets?
  6. they have split up apparently. its on punktastic, and two of the members have posted on their guestbook on their website
  7. biffy have signed to the same label as damien rice. can't remember what it is called, but its a subsiduary of warners i think. they still have one more album contracted to beggars banquet though.
  8. it was matt i thought, before he took it off obviously
  9. Really good gig. Onion Terror - i wasn't a massive fan of. they were ok, a nice fun band anyway. Grown At Home - didn't like. don't exactly know why, i just didn't like them very much. Sonic Boom Six - awesome. realised how much i like them tonight. fantastic stuff. Howards Alias - Absolutely amazing. Never fail to impress, was blown away again by them last night. First time at the Moorings also, thought it was quite cool. Only slightly annoying thing about the gig was the amount of time between bands, especially before Grown at Home. Seemed to take ages, but I suppose these things can't be helped.
  10. had never heard of dead pets before, they were brilliant flogging molly were amazing, easily one of the best gigs i have been to. had a bit of a dance and then watched from the back. smile on face the whole time
  11. I thought the programme looked quite interesting, but it was utter tosh. It just had nothing new to offer about Doherty at all, I thought it might be quite insightful but alas, wrong again. I'm surprised Channel 4 bought it, I can only assume they hadn't seen any of it or were greatly lied to. I really had no interest in watching this twat trying to show his friends that he had a relationship with Pete Doherty. Really, who cares about seeing some has been film maker trying to make friends with Doherty?
  12. all american rejects are getting announced for main stage though aren't they?
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