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  1. I think we should start a tradition of a new thread being opened the day of Cambridge Utd's first pre-season fixture in honour of Del.


    It's probably tomorrow. They start early in the tinpot leagues.

    Now the Mighty Barnet are in the 'tinpot' leagues, I feel obliged to take exception to your tone.

     Season starts a week on Thursday btw 


     EDIT: I remember when the official end-of-season was the Junior Cup Final, but last year (and perhaps the year before) it was deemed as the chumps league final?


     I think the mods should set up a poll, when does the AB-Music footie season finish? SJCF or CLF?

  2. Mental goings on at Southampton.

    In other news, Rangers' delusional abilities extend to graph making. I think something might be a little out of proportion here.


    We sent this to our marketing department at work, just to show those slackers how it should be done!

  3. I'm really loving this version. One of my favourite challenges is to start unemployed with "Automatic" reputation, which really means "none whatsoever," and see where I end-up.

    That's my default mode for a new game in FM, unless I have a specific challenge in mind.

    I have two basic challenges, club and career. Club, I take over Barnet (natch) and take them to the heights of Euro success, career I start off as a nobody and spend 7 or so seasons in the toilet that is non-league football. before being 'snapped up' by a struggling ED1/2 side. It's all uphill from there.

    Happy days!

  4. Here's a bit more from Alan Pardew on the departure of Demba Ba:

    "We prepared yesterday with Demba in the side. I was assuming that, I was in the dark as I have been on most of this particular deal because obviously the ball was in Demba's court. We had no inclination yesterday, we set up the team with Papiss in his normal role when Demba played. Although I'm tempted to change, I haven't, I've just put Shola straight in for Demba. But going forward, Papiss will go through the middle for us. Tonight he starts out on that right hand side where he has done terrific for us."

  5. ... lost the first leg at home to Liverbloodypool 3-2 so not confident of getting through, also got the scouse bastards away in the FA Cup 3rd round and they dicked me 2-0 and to add insult to injury they also beat me in the league a few games before.

    What else do you expect from TSG#1

  6. This is one of these things that is just ungoogleable. I've tried to find out more about it but can't get a decent answer so I'm gonna throw it out here...

    The back door of my ground floor flat leaks like a motherfucker when it rains. Long story short, the property management company have made shitty fixes 3 times and haven't solved the issue. We suspect it might be a structural issue and they either don't know how to fix it or are just putting it off. We've sent emails, called and generally bugged them loads of times and it's gotten to the point where we want to withhold rent coz its a joke. Does anyone know what the laws are around this? I'm sure it differs between the us and the uk but if anyone has any info/experience that'd be awesome. I've read somewhere that you must be able to prove they haven't made repairs 3 times or something but havent found anything official.


    It looks like withholding rent is not an option, unless you go through the process of informing them in writing that you plan to get the repairs done yourself, paying for it yourself, and giving them the chance to pay you back

  7. The Sun today reporting that West Ham are going to sign Carroll Carroll for 21m and pay him 115,000 a week for 5 years, with a yearly pay rise and an option for another 3. Football has officially gone fucking mental. The crash must be round the corner.

    Either that or the Sun editors/journalists are completely sane and know how to get publicity for their rag.

    I don't think I've read a redtop in years. If I want unsubstantiated rumours I have the interweb

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  8. If they are dumped in division 3 they should be hit with a massive points deduction as well.

    That doesn't make sense to me.

    Oldco should be hit with the penalties, newco should apply for membership of the SFL. Applying penalties imposed on a different legal entity to the newco would probably fail when they inevitably challenge it, but they cannot be allowed to remain in the league (any league) if they are a separate legal entity.

  9. What a load of shit. I think this is a desperate attempt to get the newco voted back into the SPL. Smith will go around chatting up all his old mates in the league etc. and persuade them to vote in favour of them staying in.

    The one thing in all of this that I've been really unsure of is how the deal between Green and the administrators can be a "done deal" as they keep saying. My understanding of liquidating a company is that if the company is liquidated, its assets are sold off to the highest bidder effectively, so that the creditors get the most amount of money out of it as possible.

    Wasn't that the whole point of the 'preferred bidder' status that went on. Now they're drinking in the last (no) chance saloon any bidder that keeps the company out of liquidation must have 'preferred bidder' status.

  10. finally got a serious world class potential come through me own ranks, 16 years old worth 3.3 million aleady, Man City just offered 4.5 for him, got him snapped up on a long term contract when he turns 17 in October. Dicked most of my 48 million transfer budget on 2 20 years olds. the future is looking good!

    You do love your young boys Del. Wengeritis?

  11. I think Barton's defence of "A big boy told me to do it and then ran away" is a bit shit. How old is he now?? Certainly old enough to make adult decisions and not rely on (1 person) peer pressure.

    I don't give a shit how 'cultured' he appears in his tweets. If I was earning what he does a week I'd pay someone to tweet for me, just to make me look better.

    The guy is a thug, and he's lucky he's not been 'Duncan Fergusoned' for his assault on Aguero and the attempted assault on Kompany. The Tevez one was in play, not a issue, Tevez provoked him (and Tevez is a prime cock as well), that's football. Where's the provocation with Aguero? Tackling form behind is outlawed, unprovoked attacks from behind, when the game isn't even in play, must surely carry the highest penalty the FA can give.

  12. Ah, Molefays won't help you there.

    You need a single light source, the light from multiple sources will create multiple silhouettes very close together which will blur the edges . You'd probably need a means to focus the light as well to preserve sharp edges, but if you're going to soften it up anyway that might not be an issue.

    I would borrow a par can and experiment. If you need to focus then look at small spotlights, they will have focus capability. Even a projector might be worth experimenting with if you can borrow one.

    Reading the post again, I missed out the part about being behind. Whoops. Ignore pretty much everything I said there.

    Molefays FTW.

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