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  1. You don't believe how excited I am! I love all of those bands. Roll on October!
  2. X is loaded- very good, i liked them, different to what i usually like, but some of their songs were amazing thisGIRL- wow, even if you didn't like the music you can't say they wern't an amusing band to watch, and i liked the music as well, they had everything, i enjoyed this gig even more than i thought i would.
  3. not bad at all the second song is very good
  4. I'll probably be at this as well, sounds good
  5. I play piano, started playing the exact day of my 14 b-day, so 3 years ago in february, i progressed really fast as I chose to do it, i wasnt forced into it by pushy parents etc, i love music and put in the work, last grade i took was grade 6, i'm now playing at 7/8 and working on the theory. I play a 'zender' little piano, big sound I love it
  6. i'm pretty excited about the new album, this song sounds pretty good as well
  7. yeah, i was talking to someone about that last night. I was stood watching Boom and Douglas, and the crowd was very tiny, there was a lot of people there last night, but i agree, if you go to gigs for the music, why not watch the band? If you go for the banter, why pay to go into a gig?
  8. the atmosphere last night was pretty good, as gigs go, it must have been something to do with the amount of people there, it was a pretty cool turn out. I enjoyed all the bands last night, douglas rocked, it's sad thats the end! it was a good night
  9. I really hope sugarcult play, probably wouldn't go if they wern't playing ...the feds...never heard of them, any good, anyone know?
  10. dead poetic are so rad, i remeber seeing this gig on their website, but i actually didn't think it would happen I'm so happy
  11. Emma


    Contra are amazing, there set last night was fantastic, i personally think thats the best gig I'VE seen them play. Quik were also very good last night, i really enjoyed all of their set and loved the new song
  12. I really think the band 'don't look down' will get more widely known this summer same goes for 'over it' both very very good bands
  13. The weather IS nice today...I'd almost forgotten what the sun looked like I'll be there
  14. deadenstereo, I really liked this band. contra, very very good, enjoyed their set a lot. was a good night
  15. wow, great line up and with a DJ like Camie I'll definetly be there
  16. wow that looks very good, and before i go away... I'll be there
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