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  1. spitalfield: 'those days you felt alive' sugarcult: 'pretty girl' never heard of it: 'i'll change for now'/'shes a dick' much the same: 'new years' hawthorne heights: 'Ohio is for lovers' taking back sunday:'one-eighty by summer' fall out boy: 'nobody puts baby in the corner'
  2. Yeah I love capdown, and the 44's are another reason to go. i'll definitely be there
  3. sugarcult were amazing, loved every minuite. point played a very good gig and Stephen ...loved every song you DJed, and Fall Out Boy made MY night! brilliant night
  4. You better remember fall out boy ...or else! x
  5. Millencolin: 'pennybridge pioneers' Fall out boy: 'take this to your grave' Strung out: 'an american paradox' Pennywise: 'straight ahead' The Ataris: 'so long astoria' ...that was hard
  6. the RX bandits were so good, i loved that show
  7. I'm excited, tomorrow night will be wild
  8. silverstein thats pretty wild
  9. the more i listen to this album, the more i like it.
  10. aww I loved Sams outfit last year, i have ace pictures, and Crocker's was wild, never heard that story though, what a legend! Camie scared me last year. dirty old man haha
  11. I bought it, very good in my opinion. A hell of a lot better than warning...thank god
  12. Thats hot I got my ticket today, can't wait
  13. I really want to go to this. damn my other plans
  14. fall out boy, their acoustic songs are amazing. beautiful lyrics songs such as 'nobody puts baby in the corner' and 'my heart is the worst kind of weapon' www.purevolume.com/falloutboy
  15. I would definetly go to this gig.....BOOK IT someone
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