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  1. This makes me miss my Xbox all the more (it's in storage just now) Is it looking like they might do a PS3 release? The comics are freakin' awesome.
  2. Pulsy funk? Oh aye, fo sure. There aren't really any set amounts in it mind. What you need Massive soup pot Dried Scotch broth mix Dried Peas Dried Butterbeans Half a neep 5 carrots 1 large potato 1 leek 1 large onion (I prefer to use a few shallots though) Stock cubes and that Prep - Put the following in a bowl... 2-3 handfuls of scoth broth mix (depends how much farting you want to do) 1-2 handfuls of peas 1 handful of butterbeans Pour in boiling water until it's covered buy a couple of inches. Leave that mofo for at least 4 hours, but better overnight (top up if required). When you start actually making the soup - Cut up the onion and dice all the veg. Just slice the leek up as normal... probably say to make the cubes about a centimetre and the width of your leek slicing about the same. Fry the onion off in olive oil - or whatever you normally use - until soft. After this, chuck in all the veg except the leeks. Fry this for another 4-5 minutes until things have started to soften slightly. Chuck in your soaked pulses, just chuck in the water it was soaking in. Top the water up to maybe three inches below the top, but make sure everything is covered. Throw in a few stock cubes (veggie or chicken, doesn't really matter) plus the leeks and leave it to simmer for 45 minutes. Keep an eye on it from time to time though. Those pulses will probably continue to soak up the water (which is why you need to space at the top of the pot). After it's done you can dilute it down with some stock. Add loads of black pepper and fresh parsley and you're done! Bingo! Farty-tastic. Awesome for the winter though.
  3. Awesome! Well, i'm iPhone 4 tastic now... So i'm going to try unlock my 3Gs tomorrow. Should it fail, i'll check with Adam and if his chum isn't interested anymore then I'll give you a shout
  4. I can certainly try. I'll look into it today. I'm guessing it's cool for me to just add the unlocking cost onto the 200?
  5. I tried to show the small scratch on the second one but I couldn't get it to show up
  6. trying to remember my photobucket password then the photos will be up
  7. Sods law they play Aberdeen weeks after I'm leaving. I'll be catching them in Amsterdam in March. Might try make it along to one of the German shows too, if there's a weekend date. Yas min!
  8. It's not visable unless you look for it. I'm happy to take pictures. I'll get some sorted tonight. I'm just waiting for my microsim to arrive then im switching to my iPhone 4. I can meet up this weekend if they're interested
  9. What it says on the tin. It's locked to Orange and I want a mere 200 for it (they're wanting 250 for one on eBay). I think it's maybe a tenner to get it unlocked. Used but excellent condition, black, 16GB, very minor scratch on the screen. I love this thing and I'll throw in the case for it. Complete with box and all the guff (charger and un-used earphones). I'm only selling it due to an upgrade.
  10. My work connection is (unsurprisingly) quite good - I expect my home one will be mince...
  11. Saw Nev, RockAustin and nullmouse in Brewdog on Friday. I also saw Dave Officer, idol-wild and Fezmonkey... but I spoke to them so it doesn't count.
  12. I was finishing off drying my hair, about to head off into Amsterdam. Good times.
  13. PM's sent. Current listing still up for grabs... Book Alan Partridge: Every Ruddy Word (Hardback) - 4 DVDs Gavin and Stacey: Series 1 - 1 Family Guy: Season 4 - 4 Family Guy: Season 5 - 4 The New Stateman: Complete Series One to Four - 5 Atonement - 1 SOLD Batman Begins (double disk) - 1 Blow Up - 2 SOLD Delicatessen - 2 SOLD Goodbye Lenin - 2 SOLD Gosford Park - 1 Happy Feet - 1 Starter for Ten - 2 Threads - 2 SOLD Thumbsucker - 1 Vinyl Four part 'Be your own pet' 7" set of the following - Each disk features a different band member on the front. Only really interested in selling this as a set. Disk 1 - Super Soaked/Bloe Yr Mind Disk 2 - Food fight!/The Beast Within Disk 3 - The Kelly Affair/What's Your Damage Disk 4 - Black Hole/Bummer Time - 10 Games Forza Motorsport 3 (XBox 360) - 10 Halo 3 ODST (XBox 360) - 10 SOLD Both are 'as new' with manuals, add-in content codes and Halo has a 48 hour LIVE gold trial code (I didn't need it, so didn't use it).
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