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  1. One ticket for AFI at the Edinburgh Corn Exchange this evening. Only wanting face value. Any takers? Give me a pm. Thanks.
  2. any takers for this fine piece of wood? if someone ofers a good home i will take 130 Bob
  3. Imate Jam / t-mobile mda for sale. Impressive spec incuding... 416mhz Intel Processor 64mb RAM Microsoft Pocket PC 2003se Microsoft Pocket Office 1.5 m.pix camera 2.8 inch widescreen. (great for films or south park on a train! ) SD memory card slot. (upto 4gig) Can be used on WIFI using an SD WIFI card. this will be included for no extra cost.. if i can dig it out, if not they cost between £12-£25 for cheap ones, but they work just dandy! I bought it ages ago to use as a handheld media player, but it can also be used as a mobile phone. even though it is branded as T-mobile it is unlocked to take any sim. The plastic bitties which hold the battery cover on have broken off, but im sure you could find a good way to keep it on. i found one of my girlfriends hairthingies worked well, but its just cosmetic. all i ask for this is £110. what a bargain! cant even be beaten by ebay... Im in edinburgh these days, but im more than happy to take it up to aberdeen this weekend if someone is wanting to purchase it. I could even go in past my parents house and dig out the box provided they havent chucked it by now. I can e-mail pics to anyone interested. Thanks, Bob
  4. I have decided to take the plunge and sell my much loved Thunderbird bass to fund my new guitar. I have had this bass for a couple years now and have always loved it. i think it just has a classic distinctive shape and beautiful sunburst colour. I have a fitted ritter case which i spent months trying to get my mits on, and it had been recently restrung. all i ask for this fine piece of wood and case is 150. Im living in edinburgh these days, but i would happily take it up to aberdeen this weekend if someone was offering a loving home for her. I can e-mail pics to anyone interested. Please reply to me by e-mail if you can as i dont have a chance to sign on here that often. Thanks, Bob Romplanet@hotmail.com
  5. i had the exact same happen to me! my passport was sent by my parents from aberdeen to my flat in edinburgh about this time last year and it got lost. had the biggest stress of my life trying to get it back without having to tell the mother. after numerous phonecalls i was simply told that there was nothing that they could do. they cant just make things magically appear. i was amased when they called me after the new year when it appeared in a sorting office in belfast. Ive never had any trouble with them in the past except this one incident and have to say that they do a great job, and im sure that these things dont happen often. just happy my mother didnt have to find out until it was safely in my hands. Bob
  6. does this mean your in aberdeen this weekend?! im going up too. woot. txt me. other Bob
  7. i already own one, and i payed nearly half that for it. £230?! good luck mate! thanks anyway. Bob
  8. the title says it all. im looking for another bass. Bob
  9. try getting one down ther. know a couple folk who got a pair of weekend camping tickets for a reasonable price after having theirs stolen between the bus and the queue. worth a shot... Good luck. Bob
  10. drinkdrankpunk got myself one of the new Compaq (HP) Presario laptops. absolutly bulletbroof, its taken a beating and survived. only cost around 600 too. would recommend it to anyone:up: Bob
  11. T-Mobile MDA Compact (I-mate Jam) for sale. One year old, excellent condition. Possibly the best handheld toy you could want. Great for mp3s, movies, tv streaming, internet and gaming on the move. Comes with case, box, Windows Pc Pocket Edition SD Memory card and brand new o2 sim with 300 free messages a month. Unlocked for any sim card on any network. For exact spec, click here Reasonable offers only.(£150+ or possible trade for something) Bob
  12. would like to take the wireless card from you. wont be in aberdeen again until next weekend. (15th/16th). gimmie a pm at the end of the week to let me know if you still have it. Cheers. Bob
  13. let me know if you come to a decision over it, ill be up in aberdeen again in the next couple weeks. Cheers Bob:gringo:
  14. has anyone got a spare one of these sim cards or know where i could get one for free? i got one from the o2 website before, but cant find any promotion at the moment. I will offer a couple drinks at the pub of their choice to anyone who has one. Cheers Bob
  15. is you warlock a bass? Regards.. Bob
  16. gimmie a txt later on 07908666958 and ill meet you to have a look at it. Cheers Bob
  17. Good work! This is gonna be sooo good!! I missed them in Glasgow due to an exam. I must say that i never expected them to come this far north, but im not complaining. Bob
  18. Mr Fish was awesome, he knew everything about everything, and never wore the same tie twice. i swear. Legend. Bob
  19. Has anyone got a contact numberfor him which they could PM me? thanks Bob
  20. hmmm.. sounds interesting... Shame i just realised ill be living in edinburgh by then. May have to come back up for a week, perhaps. Bob
  21. hmm, ive never been to a gig a captain toms, and ive been meening to go back for a while... Day at the pub beforehand, Bobby? (Theres a diesel in it for you..) Bob
  22. i knew it was the something spoons. I cant believe that for a guy who covers his ears when the bell rings and when pupls moved there chairs backwards on his wooden flood, he nused to be in a band. Hardcore. Hmm, there was always the Mr Duncan and Mrs McColgan thing, but i think it was all harmless, considering he looked like skeletor, and haddent brushed his teeth for a decade. Bob
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