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  1. Jimmy jazz is a well rad cool superfly bassline.
  2. Can you give any idea of cost etc? Like location's a big factor.
  3. Daniel Sim is a local boy who has been writing his own brand of acoustic mellow rock ever since he was but a nipper listening in amazement to his parents indie albums and one day dreaming of being that cool. He's looking to play gigs, any gigs anywhere. He really just needs a chance to show everyone what he can do. He's an accomplished guitarist and singer, with all his own material. Any venues people interested please let me know! Thank you xxx:cheers:
  4. pfft how wrong boy. Danny Carey is by far superior.
  5. Metallica - Fade to Black (Hammet) Pantera - I'm broken (Dimebag) Bon Jovi - Bed of roses (Sambora)
  6. I heard a nervous return song on kazaa and it was pretty good....
  7. No. I'm not even slagging him i'm disagreeing. World of difference.
  8. Michael Jackson - Billie Jean. Sugarhill gang - Rappers Delight. Dj Format - The last bongo in brighton.
  9. Fairly nuts response. i think i share the second point of view shown though.
  10. That was tag team joking! *high five*
  11. Unless you're a white stripes fan.
  12. I play bass, but i've been playing a lot more guitar recently when i've been writing music. Same with i'm concentrating alot more on lyrics than i used to. So i think it's not really cool, but it's good enough for rock and roll.
  13. So i was on my daily parouse through the internet when i came across this! http://seventhstreet.proboards23.com/index.cgi?board=music Now, this is the forum of local record label seventh street records. Here they are discussing (when i say discussing i mean someone is ranting) about the state of music. What does everyone think?
  14. At the end of the day i think it does widely depend on who you prefer. For example Michael Buble is one of the greatest singers on the face of the planet today, but if i was to compare him to some guy from funeral on a thursday or whatever on singing merit, i would probably quickly be told i was wrong and the emo guy was by far superior. If you catch drift?
  15. Or Danny carey of tool. you'll feel foolish for thinking travis barker was decent.
  16. Funeral for a friend, brand new, taking back sunday, inme, spunge. Kill 'em all.
  17. Thank you very much for the gig offer. We would love to but unfortunately we can't due to our new drummer not being quite ready to gig with us yet. However in the future as of after about march sorta time, should you require bands we would jump at the chance. Thank you love Jedi (lp'63) xxx:cheers:
  18. westfield make good guitars?!?!?!?!
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