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  1. but what if you hate them and deleted their number? then you wouldnt even know who it was from would you? huh?
  2. langauge is so detestable body speak is better why do we bother, then i wouldnt have to learn all the damn terminology for linguistics, fricatives, alveolar shit who cares, or french for that matter. I have a french student coming to exchange words with me, and i'll tell her good english, why do i arrange such dumb things, dumb dumb indeed
  3. if you saw him in 'a streetcar named desire' you yoo WOULD think he was a genious still upset hmmph
  4. jeez they're still around? i remember, just over three years ago, in march just before my 15th, seeing them, it was such a supercool gig and we all thought we were so cool sitting in caffeins tour bus and chilling with them. go us! That was also the first time i ever saw quik! Three years, where did all that time go. weird
  5. i bought two krs-1 albums simply because the boy i was in love with (at the age of 12) really liked him. ...reality, aint always the truth...
  6. hasn't that site been around for quite a while? and they refer to this place as "da deen" thas sooo hip hop, im gonna go breakdance now, on the streets on cardboard. anyway, hip hop is DA SHIT
  7. Quite a few of me friends went and they all loved it. i was meant to go but had a basketball game or something stupid like that.
  8. Yes that is SUCH a beautiful french film, i've seen it also. Amazed anyone else has seen it though, its so sad aswell, and so innocent. "God accidently put my X chromosome in the bin" hehe
  9. Maybe Ive missed something, but since when are the government encouraging drug use??? Okay so they've realised their priorities on cracking (hahapun) down on drug use dont lie with cannabis, but thats hardly an encouragement. No i realllllllllllllllllllllly have not met someone like that, 'crazy shit' huh?
  10. It's an excellent idea, infact, i think we should ban smokers from society as a whole, they can be like outcasts, a bit like in fahrenheit 451 where they banned books, we could ban smokers, and burn anyone who smokes, ehmm yeah see the connection? and have you SEEN that smoking advert, where smokers obviously live a reduced quality of life, the woman doesnt like the restaurant, the man cant afford the sofa and the father doesnt enjoy his quality family time, therefore the smokers are obvoiusly discriminating themselves...geez get a life...watch more TV ps, its okay, im ill and dying and over dramatising
  11. well anything that names itself after female emancipators...THATS OVER, WE WON ehm yeah dont judge a book by its cover etc, well DO if the names shit the bands shit OBVIOUSLY
  12. "Do you fancy the singer in a band and wanna score with him/her?" this one all the way,
  13. sorry to say but your version in english is very different than what it says in dutch i could translate it, but hey its raining...
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