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  1. It was fucking ace...all the bands were really good. I got filmed - like 5 times, it was really embarrassing and off putting-right in your face haha.(cause i'm sooo shy) I can't really think of anything constructive to say about Quik last night because i fucking loved it and i missed you guys and yeah.*fan girl*
  2. Well i'm going with 2 other people so it's not that bad. Although, i've got a funny feeling one of them will not be up for staying in a hostel hehe. Because her daddy will probably pay for it. Thing is only gonna really be there for sleeping and showering. I wouldn't mind staying out of Amsterdam because Amsterdam is pretty much rubbish compared to other parts of Holland!
  3. Yup i'm going there in summer, for a reunion...I lived in Holland for a couple of years when i was like 10 and cause everyone's finishing school and because so many people come and go, they're having a reunion for their baccaulaureat(sp?) ceremony. I had a look at the Flying Pig Holly, I thought it looked alright, I think I'd be scared to stay in a hostel...hehe. Cool though, I'll definately keep that in mind. Thanks.
  4. Anybody know any good and relatively cheap places to stay in Amsterdam, or anywhere in Holland really. Any suggestions would be very helpful. Cheers in advance.
  5. Holy crap i just about shit myself, I read that and thought Thursday were coming to Moshulu...however I was dissapointed after I opened this thread. p.s. nice pic in the paper ross:P
  6. Go listen, it's aaaaaaaawesome.
  7. It was a brilliant night, although i was dissappointed at the lack of 'scensters/usualy gig-goers' there, however there were alot of people there i'd never seen before which was good. Baby Karma - I found them abit boring actually, no doubt they are good musicians but I found Emma's voice abit weak for the song, which is fair enough since they were probably learned in like 2 practices. Mind Gone Blank - I really thought their set dragged. X-certs - Fuck me. They were awesome, even with a lack of 80s covers. They just get better and better every time i see them. I think it's safe to say that NO OTHER BAND in Aberdeen could get pretty much the whole crowd singing along and clapping straight away like they did. Stayover - Very entertaining, and I think they were about the only band that mentioned what the gig was really all about, and they were really in the spirit of things which was awesome. Bring on the Sluts..hahah i loved it. Onion Terror - Good set, I liked the 'medley' idea, ok they were very tight and stuff but they still entertained very well and i think they were awesome for the nature of the gig. Black Atom - Only saw the first two songs, and i have to say - loved the outfits. They soundedgood but i had to get my bus was abit dissappointed to not see their set, but i'm sure they were ace too. A fucking awesome night, cheers to Ross and Stuart for putting it on.
  8. Alot of you don't know this but Aileen is my mother, and therefore Amy's tshirrt must win because she's my step sister.
  9. I think he meant that Broken Sunshine are a good few steps behind Weapon and even if you don't like weapon you could still say that they are better than Broken Sunshine?!? Well that's what i made of it anyways.
  10. Hooray...i'm looking forward to this. I'm gonna milk it to everyone i know. I'm not very good at persuasion though.
  11. I'll put a huge homemade poster up in our common room tomorrow - but i don't know how many people will see it. I could also ask if i can mention it in our school bulletin which is read out to every class in the school.
  12. I will definately be going to this but i really can't buy a ticket yet because i have NO money at all until next friday. Also i'm willing to help promote and glass collect or whatever if need be
  13. I'm going. Wooo. I'm so excited - more because of the immense sunshine and warm WIND.
  14. Well apparantly unless something is advertised as a gig it's over 18s. But i'm not sure what advertised as a gig means because I got chucked out for not having ID, and the reason was it wasn't advertised as a gig - but outside on a big poster was the date and a bunch of bands listed, so if that's not gig advertising, I don't know what is.
  15. haha i saw Maxi getting escorted out of Moshulu half asleep/drunk.
  16. I wish i'd lived in the 80s - like been old enought to remember. The 80s sounded like fun.
  17. Sounds ace, i can't wait. It would be a whole lot better if EVERYONE dressed up.
  18. Sounds awesome...let us know what promotion needs done or anything else...i'd be more than happy to help.
  19. hahah he totally does look like a furby!
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