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  1. It'll be funny if it's snowing like last year and everyone's queueing outside for ages in their posh gear.
  2. I was under the impression that the Fudge Awards was all about the booze....what's music?!?
  3. Everyone's just gonna vote for Jamesy so we can get a comical speech again!
  4. Happy Birthday - i dont care how late it is I was there when it turned to your birthday so i'm ace! Saturday night is gonna kick some major ass...you old lady.
  5. Hahaha, well i gave them to him at the tunnels the time i said i'd take them, but you'd left when i came back. so he kindly took them for me.
  6. I'm going out for a meal with my family, and your skates are at milner's, cloudy mccloud.
  7. after all my excitement i missed this because i was sleeping.
  8. I don't like that song as much as the otther one that's on myspace. I saw them when they played the tunnels though and they were ace!!
  9. Oh yes, i forgot about the X-Certs..lunchtime at the lemon tree on the 22nd!!
  10. This made me laugh, a lot. I do however quite like the song.
  11. There should be pages of responses like that already, the X-certs kick all your asses.
  12. I will be there with bells on!! I can't fucking wait
  13. Lies, lies *gasp* I rather liked them too. but you probably already knew that. It beats hearing fan's song everytime i open the page I put it on my myspace page.haha.
  14. Well done Hog. You were hovering beside me with your money bin and i was going to put money in it but you left and then i thought it's cool i'll do it when i come back to see weapon(normally i'd stay but i had a heap of uni stuff to do) but i missed them in the end so pfft Nice to see so many people there for a good cause. Think doing this again next year would be a good idea. Sad to see that the thread started off nicely and just went to shit.
  15. I like beautiful mountain baguettes when i have the money for them. Chicken, bacon and cucumber..mmm. or chicken with melted cheese. After having to subway's in one week i decided i really dont like them. I was curious as to where NY Delights was too, i'll have to give it a try.
  16. Pfft, why does everyone have gigs on thursday nights and sunday afternoons these days? The only times i work in the week.
  17. one of our lecturers said yesterday, that she was having problems cause they've just changed the software or soemthing? So she had printed out all our lecture notes for this week. So i think it's maybe just some hiccups in the new system?
  18. Who is playing the RGU union tonight? It says in 'the book' 2 local bands are playing, but i can't find which ones those are, anywhere.
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