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  1. Well they obviously weren't paying very much attention to the music, which, to be fair, could be hard since the stage presence was pretty amazing... Hehe, i remember being pretty unimpressed at the first gig but comparing that to last night, it's like WOW...fucking huge improvement.Rocking...
  2. Oh yeah, i thought dan and ben's harmonies were spot on!
  3. My thoughts exactly, just put into words better than i would've.
  4. Indeed, as anticipated, the gig was ace! And, that's all i have to say!
  5. Yay, i've been looking forward to this gig for AGES! I really really cant wait to see My Mind's Weapon in full swing...they were AWESOME at the practice i saw them at last...i think this is a nappy wearing occasion...honestly! I'm looking forward to finally hearing Femora... Quik and Poo, are both bands i enjoy everytime i see them and from what i've heard of Appease they sound brilliant too! woopee.
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