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  1. As is Moshulu's vodka...it's rank. I can't drink it. Moorings is where it's at 1.53 for some quality Smirnoff.
  2. Woohooooo! If it wasn't so close to Christmas I would've gone to more than one date esp. since uni is finished. Alas, I have no money! Should be a good 'een.
  3. I can only imagine how many more dirty jokes he has picked up in jail...I look forward to hearing them
  4. Damn, I thought I had just found someone else who uses that word for the remote 8)
  5. Gadgie is the best word ever haha. I laugh every time i hear someone say it. I like aiwis(no idea how to spell it, but that's my best guess)-always. Hmm...i'll have to think about this some more.
  6. haha 'majestic' my fave from Oldie was "phone ye" but i think that was possibly on our year that had something as rubbish as that. We were speaking about this yesterday actually.good times.
  7. I have a vid of it, but it's huge and won't go onto you tube - gutted. Awesome awesome gig.
  8. The tunnels was a bit iffy with the sound to begin with, but it did improve. GREAT gig. Thinkpol were ace..it was strange only seeing them play for half an hour instead of an hour and half but twas ace. Can't wait to see them again. I enjoyed all the bands A LOT. The Granite Emcees weren't really my cup of tea like.
  9. I am also just about to make my cd, fuck putting them in a cool running smooth order, slap bam songs on a cd, so if you get mine...nae luck! haha. I am excited The snow sucks my big fat hairy balls though!
  10. Haha does special times mean some special wine? after some footie?
  11. The Upstarts are fucking ace! However i missed out last night. 2 more sleeps till sunday though
  12. I know a good few of the usual Stayover crowd are going to be at the Tunnels. They'd clearly be stupid if they didnt
  13. Well all i have to say after reading 8 pages of pish is...look what happened with the moorings. everyone was pissing and moaning that all gigs are over 18s now, but it was their fault for drinking underage there. I was at the Glasgow Carling Academy on Tuesday and a complete random came up to us and BEGGED us to buy her a smirnoff ice. 1. That's not going to do anything mate 2. No thanks, I think I'd actually like to see the band I paid however much to see, and so would you. now fuck off.
  14. Does this mean that The Upstarts won't be on till about 10.30? and i can hurry down after i finish work at 10pm?
  15. The Wrens is cancelled anyways! I'm looking forward to this gig...if i can get out of my house the snow is immense. I'm going to make a snowman i've decided. tomorrow.
  16. Well I didn't know about the gig, but fortunately Amy told me about it Missed the first band. Nicky Clark - I thought he was pretty good to begin with but it's totally not my cup of tea, and by the end it was just dragging a bit for me. I didn't really dig the feotus-looking thingy on the screen either it freaked me out 65days- never seen these guys before, and i thought they were ace. the drummer was amazing, he was an absolute machine! I was rather impressed by these guys, i'd def go and see them again.
  17. Haha good night....that chicken shit went in my drink, i was not pleased..it was also in my bag, down my top EVERYWHERE. No idea what i said in that speech. haha. can't wait for next years!!
  18. I have no idea what i'm wearing. If i could find a top to go with a black skirt that i already have that would be smashing, but me and outfits are pish. And i'm not wearing high heels this time. High heels are for girls.
  19. I'm sure you could get carpet from somewhere for free, i'm sure people have old carpets kicking about...or a cheapo from the paper or something?
  20. I love this...i bet everyone is all sweetness and shit at the actual awards...it would be interesting to see everyone actually just say what they really think to each others faces. It would be so much fun to watch.
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