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  1. i heard you can't even manage that much! Jesus am i really responsible for turning a perfectly normal thread into one about jizz? Sorry!!
  2. You'd be so drunk you wouldn't know if there was anything dodgy in it....i think.....or maybe i don't...
  3. I'm always put off by the fact it's called a "dirty pint" who knows what goes in there?
  4. Fools. Pubs put out peanuts so you eat them, get thirsty, then need to buy more drinks... although i'm sure most of you wouldn't think that's a bad thing.
  5. That word is an old favourite of mine, that time forgot. You just made me laugh out loud for a very long time in the college I.T. centre. I'm so embarrased but god damn it was worth it. Thankyou Chris. You are a hero.
  6. I have a photo of Sye standing outside that shop in Brighton.
  7. I fear I would make a complete tit out of myself but I'm totally up for it, I think it would be ace to be able to pole dance.
  8. I got my tickets from One Up and I think that's about the only place you can get them. I have number 5 and 6 so I couldn't really tell you if there's many left.
  9. Today I popped on to the forums to find I was still logged in even though I haven't been on for a couple of days - my fault I know. Am I right in thinking that the only way to Logout is to go to the homepage and click Logout under my name on the right-hand side? Is there another easier way that I'm missing out on? I'd like to know so I don't do this again, especially once I'm back at college!!
  10. So I take it the tickets are still valid yes?
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