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  1. FEELINGS!! DOUBT!! SHAME!! Amazing. My life has been a million times better since I bought this book.
  2. I've just realised Paul, we should make Monday's our 24 day, watch them at my house and fast forward all the adverts! Why didn't I think of it before?!
  3. Apparently Alex Zane is one of the new presenters. I've just thrown up on my knees.
  4. I've seen the first two episodes and was literally jumping up and down the whole way through.
  5. Oh man I have way too many favourite memories. The Tweet interview being one of them. Daniel Beddingfield Gold. The Meat Cannon. The curious and charming ball bag. I've never seen anything so brilliant in my life.
  6. Miquita is going to focus on her other presenting jobs and Simon wants to concentrate on his stand up stuff. Which might be good because he might visit us. But still...sad face for Holly-June.
  7. My life is over. What the fuck am I going to watch on Saturday mornings now? Grrrrrrrr.
  8. I like Gold Lion a lot although it took a few listens to really grow on me. But I like the byoP album an awful lot too.
  9. I saw the video for Time After Time yesterday. Why can't Cyndi Lauper open her eyes? It's weird.
  10. This shit is almost impossible to comprehend.
  11. I walked round the corner just after that accident on Powis Road happened. It was pretty shitty, road blocked off, police cars, ambulances, guy on the road, cars windscreen bust right open. I'm not sure what happened though, I think it was an old guy who was hit then suffered serious head injuries.
  12. http://www.mnftiu.cc What a brilliant waste of time.
  13. What time is this? I can't be out too late because I am sad.
  14. What I don't understand is why Vincent was on the plane in the first place? Surely dogs have to go into quarantine (oooh scary word!) before being transported halfway across the world. And how come he wasn't in a cage or something? I doubt that when dogs fly they get to just walk up and down the aisles like everyone else.
  15. Oh Holly, aren't you silly. You pissed about and didn't get yourself a ticket and now you're having to bed. Well done. So yes, if anyone has a spare ticket I would also like one and I'll pay well for it too. Help me help me help me!
  16. I was wondering today how Danielle managed to get Arran from Claire in the episode with the black rock. There was no way Claire would have given him to her, did she just shove her over and run off with him. And how come we still don't know what happened when Claire was kidnapped?
  17. It's so good. My boyfriend and all his old housemates are illustrators and the first time we saw it was during the simpsons or something like that. Their jaws just all dropped and they didn't shut up about it all night. I love all the hidden extras like people having hooks for hands, the people dropping into the sea at the end, it's just great.
  18. I think the reason it's so great is that the cliffhangers are amazing because the next episode never explains the thing that you want explained. So you have to watch another one, then another one, then the whole fuckin series. It's really clever, but it really works.
  19. The one with the line work isn't a honda advert, it's Peugeot. It's brilliant though, my favourite advert from last year.
  20. I haven't actually seen it, I just remember hearing it was terribly perverse. Come out on friday, I'll love you long time!
  21. Aye, if you're a pervert. So yes you can!
  22. Ooooh! I better get cracking with the episode 10!
  23. Post confuses me, I send things to my boyfriend in Essex all the time after 3pm and they still get there first thing the next day. But posting something across town takes two days sometimes. Weird.
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