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  1. That's a bit boring really. That doesn't even look like spiderman. It looks like a statue of spiderman. Teehee!!
  2. I got ticket 99 yesterday, thought way more would have been sold though.
  3. My god, it's no wonder Nicole Richie is so skinny when photographers to stuff like that to her. She looks fine before. I like the one with Jessica Simpsons wonky boob though. It's a bit of a shame people are altered so much, none of them are ugly beforehand. It the imperfections I find most attractive in people.
  4. I'm far too poor to afford tickets for all these things just now. But the Royal Albert Hall show will be amazing! I saw them a few years ago at The Astoria and it was utterly fantastic.
  5. How much are tickets? I'm so poor just now. But I'm definately there because last time was amazing!
  6. It's a crime that nobody posted anything for 8 months!!!! Lets get some new ones.
  7. I'm going on Saturday and staying over and coming back on Sunday. Is anybody with a car doing the same thing? I'd really rather not megabus and can't afford the train. But I am nice and am willing to pay people in biscuits.
  8. I'm pretty excited. I'll be able to come home after a night out and not feel like my lungs are dying. In a few years I think people will really wonder what the fuss was all about. I mean, I can't even believe that just a couple of years ago, you could legally drive and talk on your mobile phone. On reflection, what the fuck?! It's not even that long ago since you had to wear a seatbelt by law. In ten years time, people my age won't even be able to comprehend the fact that you used to be able to go into a club and force other people to breathe your smoke. Well, I hope.
  9. I never use the blog function on myspace but I have a Live Journal. Which I'm terrible at updating because lately I don't seem to want the world to know my business. I think I might delete it.
  10. Does anyone know what time Alamos will be on? I don't want to miss them but I can't be there at 8
  11. Double episode next week too! Yas min! I heart Jack Bauer 4 lyfe. X
  12. I love 24 so much. I would love to kiss Jack Bauer passionately on the mouth.
  13. It's today it's today it's today!!!! Woooooo!!!! HAPPY 24 DAY!!!
  14. Everyone thinks they're new technique is unstoppable. That's the point.
  15. I know! Have you seen the t-shirts? I want the green electro flash one. Yeah Shaun it's out on monday but if you ordered it online you should have got it today. I've seen all the episodes already but I just can't wait to see the extras! Evil cakes, fiery lakes.
  16. Did anybody get it yet? Is it lush? Do I need it right now? Do you ever drink Bailey's from a shoe? Gimme gimme gossip. I need the low-down.
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