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  1. Who else is going to the signing? I'd change the time of my bus journey back if it meant I could stand around in the cold with someone.
  2. Yeah I wish I was going. But I like 10 Easy Wishes a lot more.
  3. "So we went to the Pompidou....that's in Paris" Man I love Art Brut, but yeah, The Pompidou is awesome, I love just lying on the ground outside it in the summer looking up at all those ridiculous hamster cage stairways.
  4. Could you please get his number for me? I'm a fire in bed.
  5. One of my favourite comics artists, Jeffrey Brown, has directed this first video and they're showing a new one every week. Check it out! http://deathcabforcutie.com/directions/
  6. Just thought anyone who was interested might like to know that this book is now OUT! Wooo!
  7. Do you mean Rhea? Yeah she saw it the night it was taken. Then came up to speak to you in Exodus where I promtly bashed your heads together and told you to kiss. Teehee!
  8. Aaaahhhhhhaahahahaha. Loving your work. What on earth were we speaking about at Maxi's?
  9. The guy with the glassees and the feather boa was Joss, Crocker. But he has no idea who you are. I'm sorry for repeatedly introducing you to Rhea and Fern even though I know you've met them before. And for licking your neck. And whatever else I did.
  10. No such luck. He had somehow managed to end up back at mine, taken off all of his clothes, hidden his sunglasses in my t-shirt drawer (i only found them this morning) and passed out. I couldn't even remember him getting to mine and in the morning I discovered a bucket of sick which may have been mine, may have been his. Sexy indeed!
  11. Haha. I caught my Mother looking at the hoovering polaroid the other day. That photo of me is also terrible.
  12. Nice! Coincidentaly, I think someone stole my helmet because it hasn't been seen since the party. I miss it quite a lot.
  13. Ace! I would quite like to see the photos since I didn't take any myself.
  14. Oh quite possibly. That weekend is a bit blurry. I don't even know who won the superbowl but I do remember trying to throw up at 5am and blethering on about how soft my legs were. Oh dear.
  15. AhahaaaaaahhhaaaaA!!! She was lost for ages, we thought someone (Gav or Mini) had stolen her but then Joss found her down the side of the sofa. Now she's in the bathroom, utterly terrifying. You missed the sunday, I spent most of the superbowl party running around with my robot helmet on bashing my head with Princess so the whole thing would rattle. I'm a bit embarrassed about that now.
  16. Um, this gig was in 2004 and I went and had a jolly great time even though the night before I'd collapsed and busted my hip. So yes, I've seen them before. Lots of times now actually.Sorry you won't make this gig in the past. Better luck next time mate!
  17. I think I was in the EE last week. Some chick asked me in Asda what I thought about that expensive golf course and then took a picture of me. On a more serious note, this story is a sad one to hear.
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