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  1. Oh My God Lets Go!!!!!! Xxxxxloveyouxxxxx
  2. Art Brut, Miss Kittin and The Walkmen are all ace. Also, Nada Surf used to be one of my favourite bands until they slipped off my radar a wee bit. Perhaps I'll dig out their albums and get them back on it! I wish I was going to Benicassim!
  3. It's a really cool little festival outside oxford. It's the sort of thing where you look at past line-ups and go "fucking hell, I wish I'd been at that!"
  4. Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly. are AMAZING!! I wish I was going to Truck so so so so much. Never mind though.
  5. Paul knows fine well that I love fish, my favourites being salmon, rainbow trout, sole and smoked haddock or mackerel. I'm not so big on squid and eel and crustaceans though. Paul will sit about eating packets of crab sticks. It's not right.
  6. Dorrie Doodle is just across from Central Library, next to The Forum. It's pretty good for any art supplies, and they can order things in for you too.
  7. I've given up pretending I don't like Big Brother. I always end up watching it although I never vote and I don't want to end my life if I miss an episode or two. But it's definately addictive stuff. Plus it doesn't help that my mother phones ALL the time to remind me it's on.
  8. It's not in Aberdeen but I always get exactly what I need from the London Graphics Centre http://www.londongraphics.co.uk/
  9. When I saw them at the Astoria they were loud loud loud and I felt dizzy the whole way home. It was ace!
  10. Fuck. I'm not even going but I sooooo wish I was.
  11. I met the organisers of Truck over breakfast at Reading last year and they were talking about wanting Mogwai. I'm not going to Truck though, I really wish I was!!
  12. A friend of mine works there so got to be there for free. He said it was amazing, took him right back to being 15. I wasn't there though.
  13. I read an article about this lady and I think it's a really nice idea. Not all old people are crazy or mean and I think that society these days generally lacks respect for the elderly. 3 out of 4 of my grandparents live quite close by fortunately but I know that lots of people move away and old people get left with little company. Best of luck to you! I hope you find somebody really nice who appreciates your concern.
  14. That's pretty funny! I like that. I had a friend who used to phone me up when he was doing his girlfriend. I don't know how she ever put up with it. Perhaps it was their "thing".
  15. I was thinking about this yesterday!! My YYY's t-shirt is almost red, but more pink. I will endevour to wear red tomorrow.
  16. I can't believe some of the arguements people are making with regards to this thread. I think about 2% of people in the world could tell you accurately on a daily basis how much money they have in their account(s). The problem with using debit cards is that different places take different amounts of time to take money from your account, therefore, you may well think you have more money than you actually do. Even people who work for banks (I'm soon to be one of them) I'm sure would agree that the charges are unreasonable and I'm pretty sure that people who end up overdrawn by miniscule amounts are mostly just blaming the banks for their own mistake anyway. It's an easy thing to do.
  17. Union Terrace. Just along from the Italian restaurant that had the mafia running from it.
  18. I'm always really surprised when people moan about their banks doing shit like this because I've never had any problems with mine. I actually just got a job with RBS although I haven't started yet. They have a policy where if you go overdrawn and make sure that you've put money back in to cover the cost by 3.30 that day, then you won't be charged for going overdrawn. I think a lot of people don't know about it though.
  19. Yeah that's the one. We went out there a couple of months ago to visit the Knights Templar graveyard which was really spooky because it's so old that the tops of all the tombs are coming off. Templar Park is cool though because it's got massive sand dunes which mean that you're a bit sheltered from wind but it's grassy enough to put tents up. No sea to cool your beer in though.
  20. I've only been twice but both times were amazing.
  21. My trampoline is not my friend. We have fallen out on many occasions.
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