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  1. I cant get mine to work ! Its the right size and everything and it accepts it but then it doesnt appear, can u help am out of ideas! thanx xx
  2. Txts are just a nasty way to do it, especially an hour before your first ever uni exam...grrr...! It should be done face to face; I would do it that way and have done, if u cant then its not very respectful to the other person! But do understand the distance thing, but maybe phone call would be best in that case
  3. can kindof see ur point,as sometimes the music is so loud that people have to shout over it while other times its so quite it seems like people of shouting. But people; when drunk do tend make a noise, doesnt matter where the hell they are, just havin a laugh. Just seems like didnt have much fun, dont blame it on the poor drunken fools who did!!
  4. I think so (my work here is done!!)
  5. thank you!! I can see y peanuts not a good idea!! (dont like them any way) Thank you again!!!!
  6. hehe yeah that should be fine, I'll txt if have to change it!!
  7. now I have a copy of that picture, hehe! Yeah should be goin to HJB, will see you there!!
  8. Yes I'll be out on friday!! But I'll be ready!!!
  9. Thats terrible u two plotin against me!! but dont think u could take kris's place, sorry rachie but he has had months of practice!! Any more snack food ideas?
  10. Thats true!! but think you've got less hope of bein paid for that than I having winnin the snack food war!!(or battle)
  11. Trust you!!! (No one can take over that job from you!! )
  12. Have a question: - was wondering has this post at all convinced you to bring in snack foods? Would be good
  13. Just thought I would bring this post back up, since HJB is gettin changed always good to make post known again !!
  14. I was there, had great time, so lots of people I knew
  15. Toasties could be interesting but crisps, peanuts(ok dont like them but others do) would be really nice!! AM sure very nice staff, would leave some for us paying customers
  16. yes they are but nothing can beat a bag of Real McCoys,I like beef flavour!! Is there any chance this could happen?
  17. Was wondering if it would be possible to get some snack foods in hjbs like crisps or something, as once the kitchen is shut no chance of food without leaving also sometimes a snack is just needed. Just thought I would ask if was possible dont know if reason why you dont! anyway thanx
  18. I saw it in hjb when you went for pizza!! (thats were she went) Ask at the bar or phone, am sure saw it with the other bags which where on the floor. Who's where they?
  19. am so very very curious; am goin to hav eto makethe effort to come out after work now! See wot u do to me!!
  20. was definatly a great night! I havent had that much fun in ages
  21. I was there, had great time What team where u in for the drinking game; I was one of the many people sitting on the floor cheering :O Was great fun; but 9am lecture not fun The music was good as well; was different! Did u have a go on the bull?
  22. The beach beside the park, starts at 6.30 with entertainment and fireworks start at 7.30 better to walk
  23. I also am looking forward to this night!! On the foot flyer was I right on seeing something that mentioned inflatable games? What goin to be happening?
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