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  1. Yeah right! I bet you like to carry pepper spray around with you to mace innocent guys like me... What do you look like? Have I seen you before?
  2. I quite like the All American Rejects... This one time I was throwing a party and the 7th coolest person I know showed up.
  3. Ha ha, Good Charlotte, they're not all that bad right? I mean, I don't want to kill them. Paul Daniels on the other hand... THE MAN IS EVIL, WE MUST MAKE HIM PAY!
  4. Ok, so you're a 5th year called sarah. Well, my intelligence gathering scheme suggests that you have sex-dreams involving frogs, and that you like to make excessive amounts of toast on wednesday and saturday mornings... I'll stop by the 5th year watering hole at some point in the year and make some enquiries as to who you are.
  5. Hmmmm, I have a DiMarzio SD, it's alright.
  6. I personally prefer Fender Super Bullets, I use them on my LP heh heh. I've only had one bad experience with them when the bullet end came flying off during a particularly heavy session and literally shot off of my wall and hit me in the foot :O Ernie Ball strings don't bother me either, my high E once broke and sliced my arm but no terrible experiences.
  7. Huh? Adams the stud or still me? Adam's pasty and smells slightly. Sarah do you go out with derek?
  8. I'm not a huge fan of the darkness or good charlotte.
  9. feeble!

    The next...

    Heather Small Brain... You mean primitive right? a) I don't originate from Rothernorman, in fact I think you'll find that I don't have anything in common at all with the yokels who populate it and least of all do I have any ties with the countryside. b) You ride a god damn horse, now theres a yokel activity if ever I did spy one. c) You can't spell primitive, are you dumb, or just plain ugly? d) If that was an attempt at a joke, then please, save me from another one, I'm about to laugh myself into a seizure... e) Why do you find it so impossible to note that my house actually lies BEYOND the borders of that god forsaken village?
  10. Maybe thats a good thing, you wouldn't want to cough your phlem all over her. And if you do, well, stay away from my house. And by the way of the word when you were at my house on saturday you weren't ill at all.
  11. safiticated - the opposite of un satificated, god, everyone knows that.
  12. Pah, 4, more like 6 Adam. Get it right next time and I might tell you my secret So, sarah eh, my 6th year comment was directed at Heather. Because lets face it, the 6th years are every where. Yes, I am a mighty 4th year. You damn punk kid 5th and 6th years with your periods of study and such like... Do you hang around with those other 5th years, who are not in 6th year or 4th year, but 5th year? Like kelly and such like?
  13. And elusive 6th years? What the hell kind of a fool statement is that? There are at least a hundred prefects, we see them all the damn time. Poetic Tragedy, who do you hang around with?
  14. Me? Live in Rothienorman? I think you'll find that I don't! You've been to my house, and any fool can see that the borders of that god forsaken village are far away from my house.
  15. Aye heather, I was here long before you, and technically I am from inverurie considering I attend school there and lived there for like 5 years.
  16. *breaks up into hearty laughter* I just noticed that juneday, oh , sorry, mayday, also said "weather or not" HA HA HA How foolish, you need to get your hands on some automatic spelling and grammar checking software, in fact I'm sure Microsoft Word has that. Yeah, you should get that. *once again cracks up into laughter* Weather... heh heh heh, thats so funny...
  17. Hmmmm, it's so nice and shiny and new... LETS WRECK IT!!
  18. feeble!

    The next...

    What is this underwear you speak of?
  19. You don't suck, but you do smell a bit, Mark
  20. Heather, like neds would dare to try and kill you! You have awfully big punches for such a small girl...
  21. I've taken the liberty of highlighting some simple grammar and spelling mistakes, which I think should be corrected. How do you god damn punk kids expect to get jobs with grammar as poor as this? Belmount? Hmmmm, where is that? I'll assume you meant to type "Belmont" Vunrible? HA HA HA, I laugh directly into your face, thats not even a word! Vulnerable on the other hand, now theres a word, a damn fine word if ever I did witness one. You're parents? Hmmmmm, You are parents? How... quaint. You sir, are a jackass, not only do you use the same insults as everyone else ever has in the history of the universe but you have bad grammar, bad spelling, and you don't even know which street you're talking about. People like you make my brain hurt, I denounce you as a feeble, beef witted little factory grunt.
  22. Yeah, I love palm muting. It makes me feel like a man.
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