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  1. eating paper? woah. that sounds excellent. i cant wait.
  2. Yes. They're excellent. Go here/there. > http://www.rockactionrecords.co.uk > http://www.partchimp.co.uk
  3. all i heard was a creeking door, a crunch, and then somthing slapped me in the face and set me on fire.
  4. electric tibet were brilliant. the brass instrument (not sure of its name) gave a few of the songs a slight edge, a completely different overall sound. the whole set was great. woah.
  5. thanks for all the help. to be honest, i think i'll probably let somebody else do it. the hot iron, melting metal, and my general fear of electricity/electronics puts me off.
  6. Hi, Im looking to install two new single coil pickups on my guitar (and perhaps completely rewire it), but i have no experiance with soldering. Are there any specific do's and don't? or is it fairly simple?
  7. ah ha. thank you. im looking into buying a stylophone you see, is there any particular model or brand you would recommend? everything i find has rolf harris on it, im thinking thats not a good thing.
  8. Hi. Q. What kind of stylophones did kraftwork use on 'Pocket Calculator'? please help, if you can. thanks.
  9. and everything, all at the same time
  10. phantom power. i have no idea what it means, but ive heard its usually the answer.
  11. game on. all systems are go. everything is set for the 23rd, bar the dancing monkeys and fanfare, but hey, thats not my department. thats HOW for NOW. p.s. thank you.
  12. Hi there. The 23rd sounds good to me, but i would have to check with everybody else. I'd do it now, only its 11:47pm. I'll ask them all tomorrow and get back to you asap. Thanks a lot for the interest. joe.
  13. Hi there. o_O Who? - Politik What? - are playing at the 13th Note Cafe in Glasgow When? - on the 9th of December Where? - see 'What?' Why? - come because you have to, not because you want to. Alternitively, if your in Aberdeen. Come to the Lemon Tree on the 13th.
  14. im going to wear a kaftan and shout at myself in the corner. not at the same time though, you idiot.
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