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  1. eating paper? woah. that sounds excellent. i cant wait.
  2. Yes. They're excellent. Go here/there. > http://www.rockactionrecords.co.uk > http://www.partchimp.co.uk
  3. all i heard was a creeking door, a crunch, and then somthing slapped me in the face and set me on fire.
  4. electric tibet were brilliant. the brass instrument (not sure of its name) gave a few of the songs a slight edge, a completely different overall sound. the whole set was great. woah.
  5. thanks for all the help. to be honest, i think i'll probably let somebody else do it. the hot iron, melting metal, and my general fear of electricity/electronics puts me off.
  6. sounds good. thanks. ebay here i come.
  7. Hi, Im looking to install two new single coil pickups on my guitar (and perhaps completely rewire it), but i have no experiance with soldering. Are there any specific do's and don't? or is it fairly simple?
  8. ah ha. thank you. im looking into buying a stylophone you see, is there any particular model or brand you would recommend? everything i find has rolf harris on it, im thinking thats not a good thing.
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