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  1. "Evolution is a bankrupt speculative philosophy, not a scientific fact. Only a spiritually bankrupt society could ever believe it...Only atheists could accept this Satanic theory."

    Fucking bonkers.

    George Bush was not elected by a majority of the voters in the United States, he was appointed by God.


    "The best way to insure the earth is never over populated is for sensible and righteous governments to clear all forms of atheism and heresy."

    Quick, someone quarantine the USA before their delerium spreads.

  2. Just watched Bad Wolf for the sixth time since Saturday. My, what an ending! And only 23 hours to go. Excited is an understatement. A shame Christopher Eccleston is buggering off though. He's becoming a more fantastic Doctor with each episode.

  3. Subway is complete and utter mince. Phat Tom dragged me there one day, and I was astounded by how patronising the whole scenario was. The staff acted as if they had PH-fucking-D's in sandwich making in a "My knowledge on these poncy ingredients is vastly superior to yours" kind of way.

    Being 21, I'm also old enough to be the father of each and every Subway employee. Mmm, child labour.

  4. Or how about no.

    Student accomodation of any variety is a mere step up from sticking syringes up your backside and yelling "Big Issue" in a variety of uninterested tones.

    I mean, why pay do people pay big bucks for living in absolute squalor? Fucking peasants.

    Do yourself an enormous favour and rent a place out privately. Less money down the drain, less vomit on the walls/curtains/floors, less yobs/noise, and most importantly less students.

  5. The terror "threat" is an exaggeration. Let's put it this way, if we are in so much danger from these transparently fictitious bogey-men then why on earth did Blair and co. spend so bloody long resolving the matter of fox hunting if terrorism is such an "urgent" matter?

    Spin and scaremongering to gain votes. Yet another tough on 'insert vague target here' campaign. It's as predictable as Lenny Henry's Comic Relief routine.

  6. Thank heavens for the House of Lords....

    Since when do governments pass laws based on hysteria and scaremongering? All this talk of "sleeper cells" in the UK reeks of shite.

    These laws are a product of paranoia. We are undergoing a period of history that will, in years to come, be compared with the anti-communist hysteria that dominated US headlines in the 1950's. Been there, done that. Let's move on.


    What do you think of the proposed anti-terror laws?

  7. I wasn't convinced by the first episode, but I've continued watching. I've kept the faith in Morris. I think the reason people think it's "shite" is because alot of the humour is so subtle, and alot of dense fools can't figure out the the gags for themselves.

    There's alot of small details that can be picked up throughout that turn out to be very amusing.

    "Nazi Experiments in Colour".

    But no, you need your jokes spoon-fed to you with a dose of canned laughter, you dribbling simpleton.

    Dutch Wine anyone or perhaps something a bit more Southern French?

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