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  1. Here are 3 of the 4 costumes from various Monty Python sketches/films which we have dressed up as in the past month. The missing one is us dressed up as 'Grannies' which was my favourite but alas no one had a camera out that night! When we 'do' the Grannies again, will try and get a pic... The 'GUMBYS' 'LUMBERJACKS' the 'ROMANS' Tommorow (17th Dec) we'll be something different again... you'll have to come along to find out. I THINK it's still free entry. There will be a different inflatable game, more drinking games / drink promos and more eclectic tunes from Ross the Dj.
  2. Hehehe i know what it is, and it does sound good! Myself and Brian will be wearing different costumes again, and i can't wait. Wednesdays are proving to be sooooooooo much fun. We'll see you there if you want to have a good time if not then it's your loss....
  3. Well we've pretty much got our costumes ready for tonight, just a few more bits and pieces for the final touches......you'll just have to wait and see tonight though...
  4. Baz Bonesaw I spoke to somone on your old phone last night (as that is the only number i have for you) and he said he was meeting you today, and that he would pass on the message that the contract is now waiting for you at the Lemon tree box office. Cheers, C.
  5. I have your contract/ souncheck times / details for fudgenight on Thursday, if could arrange to meet one of you at some point either tonight or tommorow that would be good. Just in case we can't here are your get in times.. Be at the Lemon tree for 6.15 Soundcheck 7.00 On stage 9.30 - 10.00 Like i say if i could arrange to meet one of you. Any problems with these times if you could contact the Lemon Tree on 01224 642230.
  6. Ahhh....erm....oops Nov 1st. Thats the Sat innit!
  7. (if you can't be arsed with visiting Fudgenet reguarly, you can always subscribe to this forum, and a weekly list of new and updated threads will wing its way to your email inbox.) we're on myspace - give us an add, go on. it's the best way to get a gig, and the listings are usually quite up-to-date. MySpace.com - Fudge - Promoters Who Eat Music - Aberdeen, UK - Rock / Metal / Indie - www.myspace.com/fudgefanzine FUDGE Based in the North-east of Scotland with the intention of promoting interesting and/or good new music on our doorstep and beyond. We're the ones that stop the weird kids from having to throw stones at passing trains in order to alleviate boredom. We book gigs for ace bands - we're currently booking lots of stuff for The Moorings (MySpace.com - The Moorings Bar - Aberdeen, UK - Other / Alternative / Rock - www.myspace.com/themooringsbar), but we put on gig other places too. FUDGE FANZINE Bloody huge great fanzine about the local music scene and the people therein. Interviews with 'local' bands and international acts such as Converge, Dillenger Escape Plan, Fugazi, Idlewild, 100 Reasons, Low, Mudhoney, Mclusky, Wildhearts, Therapy?, Wildhearts, Amen, Bad Religion, etc. Reviews of anything we see and can be arsed writing about. Good, bad, or indifferent. Next issue: this year, if you're lucky. FREE CD ... of new underground artists and the occasional one you might know, averaging 20 tracks per CD! Woo! People like Goldblade, Babar Luck, Electric Eel Shock, My Minds Weapon, Neil Leyton, Jetplane Landing, Yat-Kha... There's been some 175 tracks given away by now. Comes with the fanzine (see above). CD and Zine available from One Up Records and The Moorings Bar in Aberdeen, by posting here or elsewhere on Fudgenet for us, or from other outlets around Scotland sporadically. (about 12 issues released so far) FUDGENIGHT Normally features a slew of great bands, a couple of guest DJs, some inept comparing and a lot of booze. (Annual Events - Spring: Fudge Music Awards Ceremony, Summer: Fudge's Birthday Bash, Winter: Fudge Christmas Ball). FUDGE AWARDS the best bands over the last year or so are....? - aberdeen-music Our annual awards are voted for by the Fudge-going-public and presented before a glittering crowd at Fudgenight early every year. This year (2008), it's going to be in The Tunnels. THE DIRTY DIRTY MONSTER CLUB HITS N GIGGLES - clubnight at MOSHULU - aberdeen-music We even DJ and compere once a week at Kef, on Belomont Street in Aberdeen. Has to been seen/heard to be believed. Every wednesday night from 10pm til 2am. Free vodka shots, drinking competitions, and the usual mix of dance, rock, pop and indie tunes. RELEASE THE KRAKEN Release Your Kraken - DJ night at The Moorings - aberdeen-music Catch us DJ on the second friday of the month in The Moorings Bar playing rock, metal, stoner, punk, disco and anything else that takes our fancy. You'll fuckin love it. From 8pm - 1am. CONTACT US fudgefanzine@hotmail.com fudgemusic@hotmail.co.uk MySpace.com - Fudge - Promoters Who Eat Music - Aberdeen, UK - Rock / Metal / Indie - www.myspace.com/fudgefanzine MySpace.com - THE DIRTY DIRTY MONSTER CLUB - KEF - 20 - Female - Aberdeen, UK - www.myspace.com/hitsngiggles ANY QUESTIONS? Post here and we'll reply. Last updated 04/01/08
  8. Cheers Marj, it was nae problem.
  9. please get in contact about fudgenight. If you could pm me a contact number that would be very hepful. Your get in time for soundcheck is 5.15 Soundcheck at 6 Gig time 10.15 - 10.35 But please get in contact anyway. cheers
  10. Erm bri dear, it says in the Lemon Tree brochure 6 /4!
  11. Well it's not really a deadloss gig it's the aberdeenmusic.com benefit gig which it's looks like we'll be playing, but i'm going to have to be there anyway.
  12. Nope, it's Hot Mangu Deadloss acoustic Maple EES So we'll prob be on about 9ish.
  13. Still a few glitches to iron out etc... but it's had a face lift. if you wanna look Deadloss Superstar
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