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  1. ... phone me at the bar please. i have a mission for you
  2. *sigh* that's 'beard fury' to you, adder.
  3. where was your dazzling smile when i saw you at the beach last friday? you looked depressed despite the fact it was sunny. i hereby accuse you of being a GOTH. err, anyway, fuck knows when the next quiz is. nae body went last time. we had three teams (not including the barstaff) and although it was fun, i don't think sharon would've been very impressed by the turn out. i certainly wasn't........
  4. saturday 16th august in dr drakes, 62 shiprow club loco with: DE BARROS full band, including the beautiful claire. come gaze at her while the rest of them jump around EXIT PHILOSOPHY first gig for Fudge. interesting indie rockers. GILMAN STREET also their first fudge gig. skate punk stupidity, bring it on. with guest dj kris mills. i probably spelt that wrong. from 8pm, 3 all right!
  5. lemon tree 9pm - 1am ELECTRIC EEL SHOCK www.electriceelshock.com japanese rock monsters. 5 K's in Kerrang! last week, etc MAPLE you know them and love them. surf rock pixie style goodness DEADLOSS SUPERSTAR acoustic rock beasts. will be playing cunts in a van. oh yes. HOT MANGU spazzrock bitches opening the show at 9.30 3.50/5
  6. onstage at 9.30pm. playing with deadloss superstar, maple and the amazing electric eel shocks!!!! oh yeah, be there...
  7. and maple. and hot mangu. we'll be playing four acoustic songs. i bet noone can guess what they'll be........... you'll never get all four.
  8. no sign of waz. i got to sleep about 9ish. it was shit. i woke up at 4. that was shit too, coz now i'm at work and pogo's parents are doing a flat inspection tomorrow morning. on the plus side, i filled 4 big bin bags with crap before i came in...
  9. try and keep up. we don't allow fudgefrenzy winner to go directly to the lemon tree anymore. it lost us too much money you were offered a gig, but turned it down, remember? therefore: next year. seriously. if at all
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