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  1. Jake E Lee's solo in Ozzy's 'Bark at the Moon' KK Downing and Glen Tipton in Judas Priest's 'Painkiller' Roy Z's acoustic solo in 'Arc of Space' Mac Atom's solo in 'Age of Decay'... it bloats my goat!
  2. Thanks I put it down to luck and nothing more though
  3. Just got my English ones back, and I got two 17s... I'm quite chuffed because one of those courses I had much worse marks from the coursework so I must have got a 19 in the exam (and I wrote about a poem I'd read for the first time the night before the exam). But I'd have liked an 18 for the other one, as I already had an 18 from the first half of the year so I'd have had a first overall if I'd only got one more mark. But still, an 18 and three 17s for the year, can't really complain Plus I have next year to try and get a first anyway.
  4. Sorry, did a bull just shit somewhere round here? The Phantom of the Opera bassline pwns ur m0m... He is my favourite bassist by a long way... no-one plays like him. Oh, tell you what, I'll just turn everything up and I'll be just like Steve Harris... oh no, you twat, it's about HOW YOU PLAY not how you set up your equipment...
  5. AAAArrghh I wanted to go but couldn't Someone please tell me what Megadeth played? Ach well, I've got Iron Maiden and Dream Theater coming up in Paris in a couple of weeks and then a few days in Hamsterjam.
  6. I don't have mine yet... they always take fecking ages at the uni
  7. I'd support you wholeheartedly if you're prepared to give it a go
  8. Rememberance of the Daleks was the first episode of Dr Who I ever saw... I must have been about 5, I was terrified! I've really enjoyed the new series, and I'd love to see Davros make an appearance
  9. I'm getting far too near looking like him for my liking... Might be time for the chop soon...
  10. Great news! When can we hear it? Thanks by the way
  11. Shure Beta 58 wireless I also have a couple of guitars (an aquamarine Ibanez Roadstar II and a black washburn BT-2) and a bass (A cheap squier P-bass)
  12. They do, but actually it was Bruce Millers who contacted us... it was very dodgy, the drum guy at the time contacted us, saying he knew someone who had "bought" the drum stuff. However we got the stuff back for free, seems like the guy who "bought" it was suddenly feeling very generous and didn't want any money for it... most suspicious, I believe he was one of the drum guys pupils or something...
  13. Damn you Erskine, you're such a moron... fancy a fight?
  14. Charlotte Street isn't a 'nice area', it's a shithole... Erskine used to live on it and LEn's car got broken into and all his new drum stuff (including a Mike Portnoy signature snare) nicked. Fortunately we got it all back because I went around cash converters and the music shops with a list of the stuff which got taken and asked them to keep their eyes open. Sure enough, someone came in to get a Portnoy snare valued along with some other stuff, Bruce Millers phoned us and bingo, we got it all back...
  15. Sussex pond pudding... Do the research people, it's amazing!
  16. www.astu83.dsl.pipex.com/All_We_Are.mp3 Thank you sir
  17. I bought the Helloween best of and hardly enjoyed a note... well, there was one good song I think, but the rest didn't do it for me... too power-metally for my particular tastes.
  18. Erm, if you're talking about T-Bag, then it's T-Bag, not Teabags...
  19. He was poop of the very highest of all orders, unlike the Maiden Scotland singer who has a fucking awesome vocal range. He blew Paul Di'anno out of the water... the stupid arrogant has-been prick... Good job ye didnae waste yer cash Bob
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