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  1. Erm.. it's empty SKY actually... sorry! Glad you enjoy it though
  2. Cheers! The site is cunningly located at http://www.blackatom.co.uk Sneaky eh!
  3. Hello people, I just thought I'd pilfer your lovely unblemished forum's virginity! HeeHee :wink:
  4. Erm.. August 23rd at Kef is one! And there's one on the 13th of September. Err... check our site, I think there's more on there.
  5. To be honest I don't think there'll be one, we would probably have known about it by now cos the album is only 4 weeks away (hooray!) The last one was organised by Iron Maiden people as opposed to Paul Stewart, he just said yes and then sorted out bands etc.
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