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  1. Do you realise how often you mention Dos Dedos in your posts Elwood? You should really move on you know...
  2. Christ, this thread is VERY old. Les Mis was released late 2003 for schools productions. The AYMT used a loophole in the release contract to get away with doing it for a youth theatre group, and not as a school project. The schools release was presumeably so that only school productions could be done on a relatively small scale, and not so an amateur musical company could do it, and make lots of money out of it. Which I imagine AYMT did (although the set was AMAZING, and must have cost a packet). Just after AYMT got permission to perform it, the release contract was changed and the loophole closed. It wasn't really illegal, I suppose, I was just taking the piss. And I did go and see it, twice (second ticket very difficult to get hold of since it sold out very quickly), and it was bloody brilliant. I wept just as much as I did the first time I saw the professional version. The set was stunning and the cast, although young, did an amazing job. The only shame was that the schools version had some songs removed, such as my favourite, The Confrontation (when Valjean and Javert sing in counterpoint just after Fantine's death), presumably because they would be just a little to tough for a school production. Anymore question?
  3. And you can be fairly sure it's a big fat NIT.
  4. I reminds me a bit of a spectrum loading. It's comforting.
  5. I keep telling the wee scamp to wait until after Christmas to get me a PS2 if she's really set on it. Thank God she didn't thrash out the 250 on yours, Slfoursh, "i have 19 games all a great range..from driving...action..sport..dancing..and fighting etc.." Yep, the last refuge of the terminally stupid.
  6. Forget the music scene. If you live in England, then dont come to Scotland. Minimum drinks prices are about to come into effect in Aberdeen, and Glasgow and Edinburgh are following. If you want to be a student, dont be one here.
  7. Yeah yeah, "I have ever heard" I said, and if T.Rex and Sigue Sigue Sputnik did, then they didn't use their two drummers enough for me to notice.
  8. Gold star for you. Yes, it is. Or was. *sigh*
  9. By-the-by, it's the Officers birthday soon. I'd say Adam and the Ants. No one else I have ever heard has bothered to even try having two drummers, and the sounds they made are amazing.
  10. Ever since I first knew of and heard it, my favourite has been Dos Dedos Mis Amigos - Pop Will Eat Itself.
  11. I just ran through my entire CD collection, after deciding that I believed "title-tracking" CDs was only a cheap excuse by record companies to sell more albums, and I have discovered that the only one I own is.... Infernal Love - Therapy? My favourate album. Damn.
  12. How busy is the Therapy? gig going to be? Virtually no one under the age of 21 has even heard of them. It's been my personal mission for the last three years to make sure as many young people as possible listen to them, but it just doesn't seem to work. Why isn't Therapy?'s music popular anymore?
  13. They'll be hard pushed to get better support bands than Clutch. How long ago was that gig?
  14. And Marcus stood around like a twat while the more inventive members improvised. Bugger it. Your first gig will be shit. Don't take advice, just do it as you see fit.
  15. I was possibly drunk (on Jaegermeister probably) But surely at -15C the water would freeze and create ice crystals. Freezers aren't as cold as -15C (i believe - god I'm probably wrong).
  16. Eh? Bollocks. You'd be serving ice if it was chilled to -15C
  17. Put any four alternative aberdonian musicians in the same room together, and one of them will have played in RBC.
  18. *Claimed* You are all fucking crazy to refuse this great offer. PM sent to arrange a meeting to conclude the deal my young friend.
  19. 10. And I'm actually old enough to buy it.
  20. They're a bit rough around the edges, but they show a lot of promise. I thought they be more punky, but they pull off the slow jazz-esque kind of thing rather well.
  21. Unfortunately, we didn't seem to be any good until we died. If you'd all come to the bloody gigs we'd still be together.
  22. Yes. Subsistence did have a rather good rhythm section. Especially their bassist....
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