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  1. Looking for an iPhone 5s or maybe 6 depending on price, it's for a present so must be in quite good condition and not wanting to shell out too much for it, if anyone likes synths I would do a swap for an alexis micron otherwise would pay cash
  2. does anyone know the phone number for CEX aberdeen?
  3. I have a mini disc which it probaly more rare then any vinyls
  4. Back on topic about biffy clyro, i was a big fan of them a long time ago after seeing them support the cooper temple clause at lava, and always thought they would make it big. I had quite alot of early eps even a few signed ones from when they played in one-up which i ended up selling when totally skint, so after typing in rare eps in google it directed me to amazon which are selling some of them for almost 40 each! proper gutted Amazon.co.uk: Biffy Clyro: Albums, Songs, Biogs, Photos biffy cds and eps http://www.aberdeen-music.com/forums/trading-post/24863-biffy-clyro-stuff-sale.html what i sold for 10
  5. with plenty of snow outside, where is a good place to go sledging?
  6. When mentioning to people i was a huge Frank Zappa fan,alot of people always recommended Captain Beefheart,never really got in to his music that much, anyway quite an innovative musician who i guess alot of people will miss
  7. YouTube - Homeless Man Under Pressure
  8. good book, think the film is in the belmont at the moment, although howard marks always seems quite dull when u see himin person
  9. For Sale Nintendo Dsi with downloaded brain training style game, mario and sonic at olympics and new super mario bros game, its black boxed and comes with everything, like new Biffy Clyro jacket bought about 8 years ago after they played lemon tree, blue rain jacket with grey lining, has small biffy clyro logo on one side and is pretty rare, i've never seen anyone with one on before think was on sale for just one tour, size medium any offers or details on the above just reply here, or give me a PM cheers
  10. need a quick sale,any takers, possibly an alesis micron for sale as well
  11. dunno, i bought it for 440 a few months ago, and have barely used it, maybe switched on 4-5 times, just need to fund a trip for manchester shortly and was seeing if anyone was intrested in it, and to just make an offer
  12. Anyone intrested in buying an almost new,used about 3 times roland juno dm synth keyboard, has loads of sounds, d-beam etc, comes with power supply box instructions software Roland JUNO-D Limited Edition Synthesizer :: Overview details here
  13. i have a roland juno dm possibly for sale, would be over 100though,hardly used still boxed with instructions, d-beam loads of sounds etc
  14. 10cc dreadlock holiday, so shit its ace, can't find the proper video for it on youtube though. Also not really shit or stupid but funny as hell, not even a proper music video but had too be included ultimate warrior and phil collins, both so shit they are ace
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