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  1. Still looking for a singer along the lines of Dennis Lyxzén/Davey Havok/Cedric Bixler-Zavala
  2. It's because it's like totally gothic n stuff, and also why do you care so much? :S
  3. Haha! Will i need to invest in some febreze or something? Have you got any demos?
  4. Hahah! Thanks guys! I hope i can get this going too, it'd be awesome to hear this stuff live!
  5. Guitarist looking to start dark hardcore band, into Killing Joke, AFI, Bauhaus, The Cure, Rolo Tomassi, Refused, Killing Joke and Sigure Rós Got a couple of demos, please excuse the name and titles http://soundcloud.com/neonvenus
  6. Hahah! Totally, i guess i should stop trying to start a band huh... We're still looking for peeps btw!
  7. Ha! Very good, it's no longer 2006...so i'll take whoever is best
  8. Yo! I just moved back to aberdeen from glasgow, so i'm wanting to put together a new band for : (. I'm looking for a drummer, bassist and guitarist. All of which should be capable of playing fast punky music and also be open minded as it strays in and out of different genres (new wave, pop, punk, 8 bit, electro, prog, metal, r&b...). In the past : ( has been on several UK tours and had full UK and Japan releases. More touring is inevitable and a new album is close to completion. Check out some stuff here: Colonopenbracket | Facebook and drop me a message if you're interested or e-mail: colonopenbracketband@gmail.com Thanks! Mart
  9. uhhhh.....it's a fucking joke designed to provoke a reaction and it looks like a lot of you have fallen for it. the horrors are in nme mainly because they are on a label run by one nme's writers. spanisharmada's comment on the girl from the gossip was pretty predictable. ooooh she's fat! pssssh....she's also pretty kick ass! yeah it's trashy having a cool list...that's the point! it's entertainment....music is meant to be entertaining and fun. you guys really need to lighten up.
  10. bob rock is producing the new lostprophets album, that should be pretty interesting/funny. i actually really like st anger, i even really like the production on it. i've been listening to it a lot these past couple of weeks and its great! its got a real skater/surf vibe to it, kinda like stoner rock but metal. also, i've heard similar sounding snares on records, no one moaned about it then, so i have no idea why people got so offended by it? lighten up, its only noise! the people who moaned about st anger would have just complained if it sounded like any other metallica album so go figure...
  11. "cats and dogs, living together....MASS HYSTERIA!!!" "pardon my french, but you're an asshole!" "its no use mister high and mighty master control!! you'll never get me to talk!!!" "the first game on the list, go right through falcons maze!" "hey that kangaroo just stole my ball!" "manhattaaan, its a sort of dutch - spanish sort of retreat"
  12. actually. the scipt for clerks 2 mentioned in the end credts ended up as jay and silent bob strike back and in the 'audience with kevin smith' dvd he even says he has no plans to do another clerks. so go figure.
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