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    It has to be better than hearing a wood depressed though.
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    One thing I noticed during the Hull/United game, doesn't Alex Bruce look an awful lot like Lucky Rathen?
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    My Vote goes to the UNF for President!! :o)
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    Little one arrived right on her due date and both Harper Alice Davies and her mum are well. Big change, but a lot of fun!
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    It's coz... Drake's closed The scene used to be better They didn't move to glasgow Headlining isnt the same as playing last Someone vandalised the house kit Someone didnt say who they were here to see at the door The promoter didnt promote the gig They didnt soundcheck The singer put all his friends on the guestie The band didn't get paid It was a battle of the bands They're a cover band They only have a girl in the band coz she's hot Paul from Kef charged 8 quid for a local band They rented a practice room and didnt turn up It was a series of gigs, not a tour They didn't get enough drink tokens They left their stuff in the band room and it got nicked Everyone left after the first band coz it was just their mates They're not Punx enough Did I miss anything?
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    There are definitely rules when there's a girl in the band, because it's a completely different situation and totally different chemistry to when there isn't a girl in the band. For example, I massively crush on all the men in the bands that I'm in, because they're all dreamy rock studs and as a girl, I have no concept of self control. We've set out the rule that if we play well, I get to pick one of them to go home with for the night. But only if we all play really well. It's important to establish boundaries and to have an incentive to actually practice.
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    Ah come on, you can do better than that. BUTCHER GETS THE CHOP
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    Just bought two new working cocker puppies. Here they are eating my apple tree: And this is the mess i was confronted with when i came home from work today. They had managed to escape from the utility and destroy the paper recycling bag. Yes, that is a shit on the door mat.
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    Fascist mods help deluded boy rewrite history.
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    Jake's planning on doing that tonight.
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    She's HOT ON THE CASE!
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    Following on from features in Pitchfork and XLR8R, MTV Iggy interviewed me earlier in the week to talk about Tuff Wax, Aberdeen Truth & all things Lockah. Enjoy! The Full Life of A Scottish Producer/Label Head/DJ Forget London, let’s talk about Aberdeen. According to Lockah, hometown label head and producer, it’s birthing a scene. Okay, it might be a scene made up of mostly himself and his friends, but we are not complaining — his label Tuff Wax puts out strange and delicious sounds from acts like Grobbie and Bones & Money, and the label’s regular party, Acid Thunder, has a loyal following. Tuff Wax started its Aberdeen Truth 7-inch series in August 2011, and less than a year later they’re taking over the blogosphere. In case you think Lockah has his plate full, he’s also a producer — one whose bass-synth confections have made waves across the Atlantic. His remix of Lana Del Rey’s “Videogames” kept the original’s bathos, but drowned it in an ocean of analog-y synth and gritty wobble. On June 14th, Lockah is dropping his first EP, When U Stop Feeling Like A Weirdo and Become A Threat on Jeffries, a Mad Decent imprint. The first single shows you why the lengthy EP title is no joke. “The Sour Drink From The Ocean” splits the difference between E-fueled synth bliss-out and bass banger. Lockah launches you into a technicolor dreamland where R&B marry bassline jams and get in touch with their inner child. Yeah, it’s deep. And earwormy. Read on to discover why Aberdeen’s small size works in artists’ favor, Lockah’s fantasy of a Lana Del Rey vs. Ashanti face-off, and what illicit drug Scottish cash tastes like. Label head, producer, DJ – you’ve got a lot going on! What does a typical day in the life of Lockah look like? Are you a good multitasker, or is it a beautiful chaos? Unfortunately wax doesn’t press itself and ‘bills bills bills’ are a constant thorn in the side of the otherwise wonderful life of Lockah. For this reason, a vast portion of the day is spent working my day job. At night everything changes & I get locked into production, promotion & label stuff. I share the latter duties with my boys Bones and Money though, so the weight on my Tuff Wax shoulders is always spotted. Aberdeen’s nightlife is quite concentrated and I don’t get asked to gig outside of town much, so right now DJing is always a treat and never a chore! What is the origin of your name. A probably offensive wild guess – it comes from the Loch Ness monster? Lamely it doesn’t mean anything. All of a sudden everywhere I looked there were names like Kutmah, Loefah, Rekordah and for some reason I just went with my name. If I had known I’d end up making more than a few bleepy hip-hop beats I’d have probably put a bit more thought into it. As for offensive, Chrissy Murderbot thought it was a reference to the Lockerbie Bomber so your guess is probably OK. What are your top five desert island records? It’d probably change day to day, but here are 4 all-time Lockah classics and my best guess at a classic in the making. 1. The Unicorns – Who Will Cut Our Hair When We’re Gone 2. Edan – Beauty & The Beat 3. Wu Tang Clan – Enter The Wu Tang (36 Chambers) 4. Nas – Illmatic 5. Rustie – Glass Swords What’s the music scene like in Aberdeen and what do kids like to do for fun? Aberdeen’s music scene is so great in some ways but lacks diversity. You have a lot of people who talk a good alternative club scene but don’t show up to support the events. That said, Tuff Wax and our affiliated club night Acid Thunder has a hardcore following, and there are pluses to playing in a city with less choice. For starters, most of the time you’re not going to end up listening to one style of music for 4 hours; there just isn’t enough demand for a regular UK Garage night or a dubstep night or so forth. You end up going to see one or two people spin and find yourself tuning into sounds that you weren’t originally there to hear. We’re holding it down locally alongside other producers like my man Cruicky who recently produced several tracks for Bang On! but there are some big dogs out there who hail from around these parts, like Big Dada resident DJ and producer A La Fu and producer/design guru Offshore who are both friends of ours. You remixed tracks by both Ashanti and Lana del Rey. If the two of them had a UFC showdown, who would you bet on? Ashanti’s got more credibility in the violence stakes having been signed to Murder Inc. and keeping company with dudes with relatively tough credentials, like Fat Joe. She’s big on philanthropy and stuff as well, isn’t she? I guess she would have more fight in her to keep her worldwide causes alive. The Ashanti remix goes harder as well. That said, isn’t Lana Del Rey’s father mega rich? He could probably just have Ashanti killed. Either way it’s depressing as fuck. I’d rather they just held hands or something. How would you describe the sound on your upcoming EP? The EP was put together in December and draws together a few key styles. I’ve gone for UK Garage-influenced drums and found sounds at times, with big choruses which percussively fall somewhere between ‘trap’ influenced programming and boom-bap drum hits. As with the majority of my stuff, it’s very heavy on melody and layered synths. There are some vocal nods to classic Hip-hop records & obscure bassline tracks from yesteryear. The whole thing is pretty full-on with pop sensibilities too, something I seem to be fairly helpless to tone down. Your press shot features you holding what looks like a big wad of Scottish cash in your mouth. Was that your own idea, and what does Scottish cash taste like? I don’t often see stacks of cash that fat so I guess that’s the reason I wanted to stuff it all in my mouth and have a friend take photographic proof. I’m not sure what it tasted like – probably a mixture of sweat, Irn-Bru and traces of poor quality cocaine. Who are some of your music mogul role models? The obvious choice has to be the RZA, a guy who said enough was enough, gathered the funds, and just got to work to put himself and those around him into the spotlight. When I came up with the concept of the ‘Aberdeen Truth’ 7″ series it was mostly spurred on by the fact that all my friends who made productions sat around and did nothing with them. I couldn’t believe how much good stuff wasn’t coming out. Your upcoming release on Jeffries is called When U Stop Feeling Like A Weirdo and Become A Threat. Is that a premonition of what will happen once the EP drops? It’s kind of tongue-in-cheek so I’ll save the tough talk and keep it Tuff instead. The name’s not so much a premonition as a reference to how things turned out with us. We were nobodies and now we’re onto something. We’re respectful to the greats but people fall off or get lazy if they’re not careful. It’s also a personal thing I guess. Have you ever felt like an underdog and come out on top? http://www.mtviggy.com/interviews/aberdeen-becomes-a-threat-lockahs-tasty-bass/?fb_comment_id=fbc_10150952017439885_22295926_10150952098689885#f144cf54c3c10f6
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    Booked my vegas wedding for next year
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    Slipped into a size 32" waist pair of jeans today, 6 months ago I was wearing 40". Still got a shit load of fat to bust through still though.
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    My Girlfriend has gone her whole life (up until today) thinking the phrase was 'Best thing since life's bread'
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    That reminds me of my ace-ic from the wknd past. There's a cinema down the road that puts on a thing once a month on a saturday morning called 'Spoons, toons & booze'. You turn up, pay a few bucks and you get an open cereal bar and they play cartoons for 3 hours. AND they have special cereal white russians and sell shots of kahlua/baileys to put in your cereal. Animaniacs, the batman cartoon, Doug - all the classics. I mixed golden grahams with coco pops and Baileys... lovely. A room full of adults eating cereal watching cartoons, getting drunk. Some folk even turned up in their pyjamas. It was fucking awesome. They should do the same at the Belmont!
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    What's fairly ace-ic but I forgot to mention, and is mildly related to the above, is that I got engaged last weekend!
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    A change in the law will not force the church, or a minister to carry out a ceremony they don't want. But it will put the responsibility for refusing on to their own shoulders. They will have to say it is because they don't want to, not because they're not allowed to. In other words, if the Church is going to be stupid about something, it should be under their own stupid rule, not the law of the land. The rules of the Church have no effect on me, and I have no opinion on, or say in them. But I do have a say in the law. And if two people of the same sex are not allowed to get married, I'd far rather it was the fault of the Church which I have no responsibility for, and not the law of the land, which I do.
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    Some recent quotes from my AGFW. FTR this person is privately schooled and is now my manager. We need to get on top of the gameball He's a dark fox She's clueless as a breeze The clue is in the pudding You need to delete your history browser. Do you know how to get to your history browser? There's a lot of switching and swatching This is so fustrating (sic), I'm pulling my teeth out You need to have a symbol sign in your password, like an explanation mark The cheques are all over the air I'm afraid your order has been overviewed That's not the problem, the problem is there's a bug on the virus. I deeply apologise on that behalf. It comes from some city in England, Stokeholm or something. It's supposed to be done every Monday, but I think it's fallen through a hoop. We don't need things dripping and drapping on us. They're pulling me around the block I can't say it any more clearer It was just a mistypo. What do you want me to say? I'm sorry for the mistypo. I feel like a talking part at this stage Be careful that doesn't come back on the long foot We were going to do that but unfortunately you beat us to the pulp I think there's an error on the system server There's things that slip through my pipeline He's trying to play the pity party on you. I softblowed that too. Shaun emailed five times and I emailed twice. Thats six emails. It would be nice to have everyone on the same wavepage I'm not a rocket science... lady I have a very irated customer on the phone It disappeared, it just... vamoosed I thought I saw it this morning but i might have been overseeing things They're still just trying to get their feet on gear I couldn't understand his accent, I think he's Pakistanian or something It was an overview and an overlook from that department.
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    I wouldn't say they raped Chelsea.
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    I keep it cheap and basic. I only play fast and distorted anyway. Epiphone SG with a Bare Knuckle Warpig.Boss HM-2Boss TU-2Fender FM100HThat 4x10 cab. I have no idea what it is, but it does the job.
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    Triple Post. The back of The Rock's head looks like Vincent Kompany
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    I've been working on this idea for a couple of weeks and finally thought "fuck it" and decided to publish it. I want to share my passion for breakfast cereal with the world. It is certainly not the completed concept - for want of a less pompous word - but I hope to work on it over the next few months. So please, check it out and tell your friends. Review #1: Golden Nuggets. http://cofack.blogspot.co.uk/
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    Being, as I am, relatively knowledgable of academic copycats, I foresee, henceforth, these rationales. a. They distributed the incorrect edition. Those were merely my jottings. b. My dad's been feeling poorly recently, therefore plagiarizing was a last resort. c. I employed the help of an acquaintance and they copied.
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    This is just fantastic. Red Bull Leipzig special teams unit takes the field https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZrBnTlesjHk&feature=youtube_gdata_player
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    Facebook shite of this variety... You know you grew up in the 19xx's if you remember: - things that were on TV then and their sequential order - bands that were popular then - fashion crazes that were popular then - celebrities who were famous then but are no longer famous - toys that were popular then - the technology of the time (in our day we didn't have [some thing that people have now]) - Some item of confectionery being a lot cheaper then than it is now - things that happened then So true, lol. tag your sister etc. Shite.
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    Mac's howlin' in the toon...
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    Speaking of facebook bantz friends of mine once hilariously liked absolutely loads of pages I have no interest in. I spent ages unliking them. But the joke's on them now as I am the one with an offer of a free dessert at the Fishmonger's seafood cafe in Plano, Texas. Everything's coming up Milhouse.
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    Sometimes we wear T-Shirts when we play live, which could be a little too casual but we all have lovely arms so it's probably ok.
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    I bet members of Al-Qaeda watch stuff like this when they're not feeling angry enough.
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    I bet Ice Cube didn't get it in the neck this much.
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    in hand....more later
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