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    The Hartke is my oldest cab and sat in The Deportees practice room (still does) for years after I sold an Ampeg B5R (I think) head that I had briefly. It's actually been listed for sale on here for years and I just haven't gotten round to really pushing it. It's been useful in The Deportees room over the last few years for playing my TC head through. The TC head is actually pretty amazing given it's size and weight. It's very powerful and although lacks the tonal flexibility of my Aguilar, I would genuinely have no reservation about using it live, and have done albeit with a bass EQ pedal to help dial in the right sound. I acquired the Ampeg cab when I bought a full Ampeg rig (SVT-Classic head), which I also recently sold. There were no takers for the rig as a complete thing so decided to split and the cab is what's left. Born out of a desire to downsize first and foremost, but also found it surprisingly tough to get a really nice sound out of the SVT-CL - it's the daddy of bass amps, of course, but to get that warm Ampeg joy you just have to drive it too hard for any of the applications I have for it. Even on festival stages it's just too loud. So, the theory was that I wanted to downsize but also have a rig that was a bit more modular, hence the dual 2x10s. Very portable, very flexible and frankly, the venues that we're playing for the most part it's used as a stage monitor only (with the bass being DI-ed). We would mostly take/use our own engineer and so I'm comfortable that the FOH bass sound will be consistent regardless of where we play (if not, the aforementioned EQ pedal helps), so the key thing for me was to be able to use the stage cab to hear myself. It's all been very positive so far and it is very, very rare that I would use any more than a single 2x10 live nowadays.
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    Bet you guys never thought you would see me again. (Or wished. either way.) No one was called "Hedges" which was unfortunate at best. I'm the only member who still pursues music (As far as I know, maybe Stefan & Benson are still about). to put things straight for all the members who thought the thread was cruel, Don't, It gave me the kick up the ass I needed. For all of you who found and still find it funny, go ahead, Everyone is stupid when they are 15. (Fuck I chuckle at the myspace & thread every now and then). I will say I was genuinely that stupid as to not understand the sarcasm that was blatantly happening in that thread. Anyway I just popped in to say I hope you're all doing well for yourselves and thank you. I probably wouldn't work as hard as I do now if it weren't for you lot taking the piss. ~Have fun, Steve.
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    Let's try and keep Peter Dow away from this thread, at least for the moment.
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